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New build I-5, sata III, USB3, SSD & HDD Raid1

I have read everything about how to separate Windows 7 on the SSD and program files on the HDD.

My quesiton is why? Here is my perspective, I am not a big gamer, my last rig built 5 yrs ago (XP pro MCE) has one drive for os & programs and a raid1 drive for data. After five years of use and various programs loaded my os drive is only 49GB.

My SSD is 128GB and after a clean WIN7 X64 and motherboard utilities install I am using less than 10GB. Why shouldn't I continue to load my progarms to the SSD and store my data on the HDD????
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  1. Windows 7 64bit is going to use more than 10GB. After install, updates, and drivers your looking at about 30GB. Then you might want to consider installing more frequently used applications and games on the SSD. I don't recommend putting a HDD and SSD in RAID together. Speed and size is limited to the slowest and smallest capacity drives.
  2. Thanks stickg1 - Let me clarify, the SSD is running in ACHI mode the Raid1 is two separate HDD drives on a different controller. So in otherwords the SSD and HDD are not paired.
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