What settings do I use to get the most out of my GPU TV combo?

I have an LG LD450 1080p TV I won in a sales competition. I do not watch TV so it just sits there. I just finished building a PC and have a great idea...Of course I put the two together and am horrified at the result. I cannot seem to set it right. Can anyone help?

xfx nForce 750i mobo
intel dual core 7500 2.93Ghz
EVGA 9500gt video with dual DVI out
4 gig dual channel ram
HDMI cable from pc to TV

My computer scored mid to high 6's on Microsoft rating so I knwo it is capable. I just need to know how to get the best image out of the combo so I can play games online as well as surf the web without the top and bottom being cut off of my window. Typically I do not have that problem with games as they seem to adjust the reso to what they need, but I do when on facebook apps or on any other non adjusted page.

Please help
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  1. Strange... btw, u havent plainly told us what the problem is, but i'll try to have a go..

    Whats the resolution you've set?

    It's best if you try 1920x1080, or 1360x768...

    give them a try, then report back...
  2. I am sorry for being unclear. My issue was awful resolution and having the tops and bottoms of web pages cut off apaprently due to "wide screen" effect. I will try those settings, seerwan.
    Thank you
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