Biostar TF570 hardware error code (Can't Start PC)

Last night I told my PC to hibernate and now nothing happens this morning when I press the power button to turn it on again. I opened up my case to see that the motherboard hardware lights were different. Of the four lights, the 3rd is constant on (which I think is the norm) but the 4th light blinks continuously and fast (like, 3 blinks per second).

I looked around for my motherboard manual but I cant find that folder. If anyone could direct me as to what a rapidly blinking 4th light means on a Biostar TF570 SLI motherboard, that would be great. Hopefully its not too serious! :)
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  1. Is this the first time this has happened? Did the board boot up fine before using the hybernate setting? If not, then reset the bios (with the system turned off) using the cmos jumper or remove the board battery for a few seconds and try some different settings in the power management section of the bios. I have my board set to not start with the keyboard from shutdown. If I try starting with the keyboard from shutdown while overclocking, the board won't post initially, then give me a warning that the overclock failed. So I have set it to just boot using the sleep mode with the keyboard. My board uses s1 or s3 in this section. Don't remember which one I use; try different settings until you get it working again.
  2. Don't have a clue about the lights; D/L the manual as PDF and search 'LED'.

    To test the sleep states use Sleeper ->

    Often there's a Device that is either set in BIOS incorrectly or an added Device incapable of certain sleep states.
  3. Thank you for your replies, and I apologize for the time between responding.

    I am still dead in the water, and things are not looking good to me. Here is what happened since my original post.

    The evening of the original post, I opened the case to check things out (dust, cables, etc) Nothing seemed out of place, but I cleaned it out a bit. In exploring possibilities, I inadvertently turned the PC on by hitting the PWR1 button directly on the motherboard. I figured all was well (maybe a power button issue?) and let it be. The next time I shut down completely (no more hibernation) it never came back on. Now, when I push the power button, nothing happens at all, not even that PWR1 button on the motherboard.

    So far, here is the extent of my troubleshooting;

    1) Turned off PSU, reseated power cord.
    2) Unplugged all extra devices (USB ports, external HDDs)
    3) Pulled out the CMOS battery to reset

    Now, when I turn on my PSU, it has an LED light on the switch that does come on, and the status lights of my motherboard do work. My board has 4 lights; light 3 is constant on (normal) and the 4th sometimes blinks rapidly (as in original post). I found a PDF of my motherboard manual, and it references 2 status code lights (LED1, LED2). In looking at my board, lights 1 and 2 are labeled LED1 and LED2, while lights 3 and 4 (the ones lit and in question here) are not talked about in the manual.

    I dont have extra components to test pieces of my build, but the fact that the PSU and Motherboard both show that power at least feeds to them is slightly reassuring. I had thought about the power button, and the possibility that the wiring connection may have moved or such, but that wouldnt explain how pressing the PWR1 button directly on the board doesn't work anymore.

    Thank you for your continued advice!

  4. BUMP!

    ~Just want/need to bump this up; as my PC is still dead in the water. See previous post for current status.
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