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i have some confusing problems with my system i build it on feb 2010
and even when i just bought it, it had some errors installing OS sometimes and when i had done installing my OS some errors were there copying big files and folders (>4gb) and now recently i am having problem restarting, it doesn't restarts normally but after it tries restarting several times it says "windows has recovered an error" then i thought it must be some error with my OS then i tried reinstalling my OS then when it restarts at the point when it says completing installation then it restarts several times and then error "system restarted unexpectedly windows installation will restart"
and i tried several times and wasted almost 2 days trying that but then finally i installed it luckily
while installing: when system restarts at the point it says completing installation i just turned off my system waited for a minute and whenever it tries to restart i turned it off and the same technique then it worked.
there i guess the error would be with my RAM but i have already run test on memtest for several hours but there were no errors at all.
and the other thing while installing an OS there is a drive created "boot(X:)" for <200mb, i don't think this memory size is provided from the hard disk so IS IT FROM THE RAM ?
my build is:
asus m4a78t-e
amd phenom 550be
g-skill 1333 2gb
sapphire hd5770
seagate 500gb
coolermaster 600watt
windows 7 ultimate
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  1. Hi.

    The 200MB driver is the boot partition and table partition information of the OS and you should not delete that.

    Did you try with another RAM or another installation DVD?
  2. i tried installing with another dvd but its still the same, but i haven't tried with another ram but hoping to do whenever i get the chance
    and does there any difference installing a new OS when my grafix card is installed, i feel it does as sometimes it says "newly installed software or hardware in preventing windows installation"
    i never did anything to the boot partition but just curios what memory it utilizes
    btw thanks for your response
  3. None, you can install the OS with the GPU installed without problems.
  4. then anyways, where do you think the restarting problem would be in
  5. Best answer
    RAM or mobo, the 1st with the RAM.
  6. then if it is with the RAM then the copying error must be due to RAM anyways thanks for your response and i ll check with another RAM whenever i can
    thanks again
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