Is this MB good and worth the money?

Hey everyone, I bought this board locally over the weekend for $120 + tax with $40 rebate so probably $90. Is this a good board? Is it worth the money? I am pairing it up with a Phenom II 555 dual core 3.2 GHz that I may or may not overclock or unlock the cores.

I am new to AMD and don't know much about the chipset, but this board seems to be feature rich but I won't use much of that. But for the money, it seems a good deal. The downside is it doesn't have SATA3 or USB3, but has eSATA and I am probably okay with that.

There are other cheaper boards that I am thinking but with less features but don't know if I use them, except an extra PCI-e x1 slot for TV tuner.

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  1. It's a little late to be asking. All depends on your vender's return policy. I use an msi board, and it overclocks pretty well. Give it a try.
  2. Oh I can return it. It has a 14-days return policy and currently is not even opened yet.
  3. The only reason those other boards are cheaper is because Biostar is a second-tier manufacturer and MSI is a first-tier manufacturer.
  4. I have been using Gigabyte and ASUS and my last MSI was over 10+ yrs ago. I went to its website and the product does look pretty good. I guess I will stick with it and give it a shot. Probably not worth the hassle for the $40 extra saving with Biostar then.
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