First time overclocking question

I have the 965 BE. I read that you can get the blue screen when overclocking. I raised the multiplier to 19x and ran prime95 and the system just restarted, no blue screen. Should I maybe raise the voltage at this point?
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  1. after reading that,i was able to get my cpu to 3.8.ran prime95 for 8 hours with no problems.the thing i'm worried about is the high voltage.using cpu-z,the highest i saw was that normal or should i reduce the speed?
  2. you can get get to 1.5v on that chip ive never been a fan of running 8 hour prime test, a 2 hour test is enough,
    what temperatures are you getting to?
  3. now its idle at 41 and on load its at 57
  4. Your load line calibration is set wrong then or what speed are you trying?
  5. i left it on auto
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