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i am running windows xp with 1.25g memory, amd athlon 64 3000+ is this setup ok?
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  1. Are you satisfied with the performance? Only you can tell.
  2. yes performance is ok
  3. You would at least benefit from some more ram in there,
    but youll have to post your mobo model, case size etc, to let us get a better picture of what you have to play with and as Ghis says, if you are happy with it, its a good un.
  4. Then your setup is OK.
  5. i was initialy given the system with windows7 but system was running slow, so decided to roll back to xp
  6. Increasing RAM to 3GB would have made Windows 7 more responsive.
  7. Im off to work, Ill leave you with Ghis' wisdom :)
    as we're going to be double posting otherwise.
  8. thank's for the advice :)
  9. thank's for your advice :)
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