MicroATX desktop Case with 3 external 5.25" Slots?

I'm building a HTPC which I want to be able to fit into my media center. So I'd like it to be a desktop (horizontal) form factor case, that is small as possible. I'd prefer a MicroAtx case. However, I also need it to have 3 external 5.25" slots, because I'm going to have a DVD drive along with a ICY DOCK MB453SPF-B Multi-Bay Backplane Module

At least on newegg there doesn't seem to be any desktop MicroATX cases that also have three 5.25" slots. At most they have two. The best alternative I could find is the HEC 7106BB which is ATX not MicroATX.

Does anyone know of any MicroATX desktop cases that have 3 external 5.25" drives?
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  1. Looks like the same one I found on Newegg, which is ATX. I was hopping for a MicroATx. Thanks though.
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