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i want to upgrade my graphics card i have been looking for cards like fore 4 days, i founded these one, the hd 4890 but i dont know if that card is compatible with my processor, intel core 2 duo e7400, if u say is compatible, ill buy that xard right aaway thx
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  1. It'll go fine.
  2. shadow187 said:
    It'll go fine.

    thx man, just one queston, do reccomend any other card???
  3. a 5770 would be better off for you.
  4. AlienIsGOD said:
    a 5770 would be better off for you.

    is that one faster??? or is just more compatible??? why do u reccomend me that card?? thx for answering
  5. Depends on the price of the 4890. If the 4890 is $200+ a 5770 would be your best bet because they have dropped in price and has good performance. 5770 is a tad weaker than the 4870 but has DX11.

    What is your PSU?
  6. 650w corsair
  7. See if you can stretch up to an HD5830 for $240, or an HD5850 for $300.
  8. the 5830 is as strong as a 4890 I do believe.

    Best to worse
    5830 = 4890
    4870= 5770 close enough

    Again comes down to the price of the 4890. How much does it cost?
  9. HD5830 using the cypress core overclocks much better though.
  10. 4890 (200$)> 5830 (260$)> 4870 (160$) > 5770 (150$)

    The only thing is, both the 5830 and the 4890 can OC like champs. But the 4890 is faster,and 60$ cheaper.
  11. builderbobftw said:
    4890 (200$)> 5830 (260$)> 4870 (160$) > 5770 (150$)

    The only thing is, both the 5830 and the 4890 can OC like champs. But the 4890 is faster,and 60$ cheaper.

    i think ill go for the 4980 cant spend more than that, thx man
  12. Fastest card on the list...Good choice.
  13. That 4890 will serve you well :D
  14. HD4890 is not the fastest card on the list...
  15. tipmen said:
    That 4890 will serve you well :D

    thx man =)
  16. builderbobftw said:
    Fastest card on the list...Good choice.

    okay thx
  17. shadow187 said:
    HD4890 is not the fastest card on the list...

    witch one fastest??
  18. HD5830. It uses newer technology. It's only faster if you overclock, however.
  19. The 4890 beats the 5830 in all real world benchmarks.


    True, You can OC the 5830, but you can also OC the 4890. And the 4890 is 50$ cheaper.
  20. You can OC the HD5830 to better results though.
  21. shadow187 said:
    You can OC the HD5830 to better results though.

    You can OC the HD4890 to better results though.
  22. Better than an OC'd HD4890...
  23. Realy? Prove it. Also, the 4890 is 50$ cheaper, so if you want ot comapre the 5830 to the 4890, I want to compare it to a 5850.

  24. Reviews for HD5830 OC aren't many in number.
  25. This article was able to get #'s at least as good as the 4890. http://www.techspot.com/article/255-battlefield-bad-company2-performance/page6.html The launch articles about the 5830 here and at Anands did not show it as well. I believe Hocp got some good #'s out of it as well. IMO, I've been watching prices, the 5830 is not a bad deal for 240.00. VS 210.00 for the ony 4890 available at newegg today. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150438&cm_re=4890-_-14-150-438-_-Product

    Bottom line is (money). If you don't have the 30 or 40 extra. You get the 4890, and know you got the fastest gpu from last generation (ATI) !

    These two new reviews of the 5830 compare it well to the other 5 series cards in the lineup.
    Right in the middle of 5850/5770. IMO , for every reason, everyone and their mother recommends the 5770 over
    the 4870, the same applies to the 5830. Which is 60 bucks cheaper than the 5850. ATI needed something in between the
    5770~5850, it works for me.
  26. Bottom line: The 4890 is much faster at stock, and at OC they are about the same do to RV790s huge OC headroom, and those 3Million extra transistors :). Simmilar Power,Speed, heat, 50$ price diffrence. It's youre choice....
  27. HD4890 is EQUAL to HD5830 at stock. Neither is faster than the other, as they equal out in game variety.

    Similar power? You high?
    Heat? You high?
  28. 1. The 4890 is much faster in 90% od benches at stock. I can find many more that flatter the 4890 than you cab that flatter the 5830.

    2. There still is a 50$ price diffence.

    3. Final question.

    The price diffence bewteen the 5850 and the 5830, and the 4890 and the 5830 are both 50$. Does the 5830 offer as much of an incrase over the 4890 as the the 5850 does over the 5830?

    I firmly think the awnser is a undisputable NO, In opposing to the thery of "Diminshing Retuns".
  29. Is faster in 90% of the benches? Maybe if you care about a 1-2FPS difference; other than that, the HD5830 usually has better minimum FPS's, and tends to shien when AA/High res is applied.

    Also, it's currently a new card vs an old card. When the HD5830 ages some, it'll drop down to the ~$200 regions where it's supposed to be.
  30. Agreed Shadow. At sub 200$, It would displace the 4850 1gb xfire (about <200$) on Bob's list of recomeneded cards. But untill that date, It will NOT have the honor of being placed on Bob's list of recomeded cards.
  31. Sounds kind of egotistical to me, but whatev's.
  32. Egotistical IS the spirt that drives me.
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