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I purchased a Dell 530 Inspiron in nov. 2008 with a Q6600 processor, and 3GB of ram. I know that the motherboard is made by foxxconn but I have been unable to determine the max amount of memory it can accept. I would like to upgrade to 6Gb but I'm not sure the max amount it will take or the max amount I can have per slot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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  1. Those boards normally work with just 2 gb of ram per slot. Be careful trying to mix another brand with the dell ram. Those boards can be picky about ram. Crucial guarantees it's ram to work if you order from their website and use their "configurator" software.
  2. I don't mind buying all new ram for it but can my mobo take more than 4Gb?
  3. The 530 can take up to 4 gb. The 530a/530c can run with up to 8 gb. Don't ask me why, but it's probably a bios issue. 4 gb is plenty for most applications, even windows 7 64.
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