New build, will my parts be compatible?

I am planning to order these parts form Can you tell me if the parts are compatible and if I should switch any parts? Also, any general tips when building this computer? Finally, will the power supply handle electricity from 220v or will it only work in areas with 110 volts?


Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Since u going discrete - why not hit a budget AM3 mobo with 4 DIMM slots?
    No CF and HD 5770 not a power guzzler by any means - this PSU?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking if there are any other ways to save cash in my build. On a sidenote , the motherboard you chose didn't come with an onboard video chipset, will this be bad if my 5770 fails which would mean i would have no other sort of a gpu?
  3. If u specifically want IGP to fall back on then ya a mobo with IGP could be a good idea In fact u stick to that mATX casing and since u mentioned trying to cut cost whey not consider this case
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