Quad hdmi displays CLONED HELP PLEASE

I am trying to do this with 2 ati cards. I cant clone 4 displays. I just want the same movie on all 4 large new L.E.D. tvs. Currently my desktops only expand. Is there a way? even if I have to build a whole new system? THANKS !!!
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  1. Oh btw
    I am attempting this for a friend on his dell. It has 1x16 PCI-E slot with a ATI Radeon 4650. My only alternative for a second slot was PCI. I added a ATI Radeon 4400 PCI card. Both cards have 1xDVI and 1xHDMI outs. They are both working but I can not CLONE all 4 displays. I only can CLONE 2 on the same card...or CLONE SPAN. I need the same single desktop on all four monitors. This is whhat he would like anyways. I have some workarounds but I would like it if it were possible without having to do that. I have found some splitters that have 1 in and 4 outs and that is also a option. Alll the tv's are using HDMI inputs.

    If we have to build a HTPC specific for this task that's OK. I would actually rather do that. I can get a great deal on ASUS hardware. I just want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that this can happen before I purchase. I have searched and searched without any real solid answers. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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