Highend P/P, AMD Chips?

Hi, I am looking between the 965, 955, 1050t. I have read that the 955 & 965 are exact same thing with the 965 has
a factory oc, while others say its a little better. Anyways I am more concerned with the 1050t with it not being
a black edition and toms hierarchy chart shows it below the the 955/965!!

I just want to know what you would get if the 1090 wasn't an option??
I could get it but I don't think it would be worth the 100+ dollars. I personally have always had the 955 in my shopping cart, but I
want to make sure I am getting my moneys worth.

Do you think I should get the 955 over the 965 and 1050???
I play video games but I do a lot more multi tasking everyday, thanks for any feedback.

I am getting a gigabyte 890 and a tuniq tower 120 extreme on it, and I am putting it all into a HAF-X.
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  1. I forgot P/P price/performance if your wondering.

    I have been reading a lot and the 1050 does better than the 965 in pretty much all non-video game applications some not by much.
    In video games, from what I read the 965 usually beats it by at least 10fps each time, I probably couldn't tell the difference
    in anything under 20fps and won't be a big deal mainly if its already 100fps's.

    So like I said I don't play games as much as I multi-task all my apps. so I think I have a feeling that the 1050 is for me.
    I don't think the 1090 would be worth the extra 100.
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    Check this review. U can find that the performance difference between the 965 and 1090T isn't big even in some benchmarks in better the 965.

    Now, u are talking about the 1055T that is basically a 1090T downclocked to 2.8GHz an not BE. As u say the 1090T is overkill for ur needs and the 1055T is more expensive that the 965 BUT have more proof life because is a six core.

    Now, the 955 is a very solid option price/performance since the difference with the 965 are only 200MHz that u can get with rise the multiplier on the BIOS but the 955 is a little old for this time.

    Now the options are 965 or 1055T. From this two I would go with the 1055T since how more proof live and u can OC it to get the same 3.4GHz of the 965.
  3. Well the 10$ difference between the 965 and 1050 isn't much, and from what you said the 1050 is an underclocked
    1090 with the blackness.

    That sounds great to me and from what I also have been reading is people getting good OC's out the 1050, I was afraid
    the 1050 wouldn't OC the much on account it isn't a BE. But if I am able to work with it than I won't have any troubles getting it.
  4. The difference with a BE and not BE is that in the 1st one have unlock multiplier and is more easy to OC while the 2nd one doesn't have unlock multiplier.

    Both BE and not BE can be OC but with a BE is more easy and u get more OC capabilities.
  5. the 6 core CPU would help a lot in Rendering/video creativity/multitasking tasks, but there is currently not many games that support 6 cores, games are just moving on to quad. I suggest buying the 6 core cpu as it is future proofed and also if you play GTA IV that game to this day doesnt run good on High end pc's my quad struggles ure 6 core should run it smooth however.
  6. When you say it doesn't have unlocked multipliers, does that mean they can't be unlocked either, like with the UD7 I want??

    I figured I would get the H50 liquid cooler or the tuniq tower 120 extreme, I wanted to use the silent pipe on the UD7,
    thats why I considered the H50.
  7. ^The H50 is a crap, the Hyper 212+ performs the same with less money.

    If u want a good Cooler go with a Titan Fenrir, NH-D14, personally I think that u don't need a LCS unless that i want get an insane OC (4.6 or more).

    Yeah, the multiplier comes unlocked from the manufacturer and isn't possible unlock it with any mobo.
  8. The Ud5 is more likely the one to get, I have just been looking through
    what the ud7 has and besides for a few extras they are the same.

    With the cooling I didn't want anything to heavy(Frio) and the 212+ has
    been the one I wanted but now its 60$, so I have been looking at the
    tuniq tower 120 extreme for 62$.

    I always get cores and multipliers mixed up when taking about them.

    But the 1050 is perfect for me.
  9. The UD5 is the same UD7 but only support 3 Way Crossfire and for the UD7 u need a Full tower case since is a XL-ATX while the UD5 is ATX that is more common.
  10. Well my HAF-X should be whenever it finally comes out.
    The only reason I started looking at the UD7 is because a regualr size mobo
    looks so small in the HAf-X.
    I don't plan on 4-way, so the ud-5 is probably what I should get with the 1050.
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