Constant CRC Errors

Hi guys,
Some time ago I bought a new computer: AMD Phenom II X4 955, Geil DDR3 4GB PC1333 Value Series CL9, MSI 770-G45, ZOTAC GeForce GTX470 AMP, BeQuiet PurePower L7 530W.
Unfortunately, since the first use I have been dealing with some problems: blue screens, installation errors and above all CRC Errors with every downloaded large (~300MB) .RAR file. I've done many tests to find out what's wrong. For sure it's not software issue: OS is new with newest drivers etc.

So I tested my memory (with Memtest86+ among others) and it is 100% OK. HDD is 100% OK. Then I tried Prime95 - and after just a few seconds it showed "Hardware Failure Detected". But the error appeared only when I was doing "Blend" tests (lots of RAM tested), but not with "Small FTTs" tests (lots of CPU tested). I borrowed memory (Patriot DDR3 2x2048MB Viper Series 1600MHz CL 7.0) from my friend and I found out that it works perfect on my computer - no CRC Errors nor Prime95 error. But memtest showed my memory is fine too - so just to make sure it really is, I went back to the shop and replaced it with new modules (of the same Geil model), but it changed nothing.

Then I started some fun with BIOS - I set NB to 2200 MHz and memory voltage to 1,67 V. And Prime95 doesn't show any errors any more; BSODs also don't appear. But still I've got the problem with CRC Errors and I have no idea how to deal with it. Let's some up: 1)My memory is fine. 2) With Patriot memory mentioned above, the problem is solved. 3) So I assume the only way to solve the problem with my Geil memory is to go on with some changes in BIOS. Maybe I should deal with timings? Or with CPU-NB voltage? Could you guys give me some detailed instrucions what values should I try, or maybe you've got other ideas? I must add that I tried to slow the memory down to 1033MHz and 800 MHz but it didn't help. I also updated BIOS.
THX in advance!!
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    ANS - ^none of the above. If you want to 'try' then please list the EXACT Part-Number or link to your memory {I prefer a link}.

    Clearly, this is a Memory issue, my assumption is that the Memory won't appear on any Certified or Tested list; therefore, replace the RAM with compatible memory. I too am assuming that you purchased single channel RAM for your Dual Channel MOBO?!

    MSI 770-G45 -
    Certified RAM -

    Corsair Approved Phenom II memory -
  2. jaquith said:
    Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    ANS - ^none of the above. If you want to 'try' then please list the EXACT Part-Number or link to your memory {I prefer a link}.

    Clearly, this is a Memory issue, my assumption is that the Memory won't appear on any Certified or Tested list; therefore, replace the RAM with compatible memory. I too am assuming that you purchased single channel RAM for your Dual Channel MOBO?!

    MSI 770-G45 -
    Certified RAM -

    Corsair Approved Phenom II memory -

    Thank you for reply. Well, I am almost sure memory is OK. The exact name is GV34GB1333C9DC - on the list you linked there is a simillar model but with CL7 instead of CL9.
    But that configuration of MoBo + RAM is currently one of most popular in my country (Poland), so I am sure motherboard should cooperate with it...

    And it's dual channel RAM of course (two modules). I have tried to use single module (2 GB), but it doesn't help.
  3. I forgot the link:
    It's the only one I found in English, coz Geil introducent it only to East European market.
  4. zenon90 said:
    ...I borrowed memory (Patriot DDR3 2x2048MB Viper Series 1600MHz CL 7.0) from my friend and I found out that it works perfect on my computer - no CRC Errors nor Prime95 error. But memtest showed my memory is fine too - so...

    Testing & Operating are (2) separate issues. Form the info per the 1st post the best I could 'match' on GEIL site was 'single channel' -> why I asked. GEIL has a 'very poor' Configuration tools - After the fact it's okay. Curiosity try the tool does it list your current RAM?

    Skipping over {what we know}; GV34GB1333C9DC 9-9-9-24 @ 1.5v

    {CPU} | DIMM 1 | DIMM 2 | DIMM 3 | DIMM 4 | ; use DIMM 1 & DIMM 2

    Advance DRAM Configuration / Enter
    DRAM Timing Mode / 9-9-9-24
    DRAM Drive Strength // your manual is weak in description {increase}
    DRAM Advance Control // I assume this is voltage control ; set the DRAM Voltage to 1.5v and if QPI is in that section increase 1~3 notches above reading {1.1~1.3v}
    1T/2T Memory Timing / 2T

    DCT Unganged Mode / Ganged & Unganged ; if your RAM has an incompatibly try BOTH - if you get a post failure from one of the (2) then you know you have incompatible RAM. This often corrects for incorrect RAM.

    ** // means I don't know your BIOS and the manual is useless. I do know how to set the RAM if I could 'see it' but the above changes are in-keeping with standards.
  5. THX. I see I am always clear, but English isn't my native language.

    Timing was already set to 9-9-9-24. I set DRAM Voltage to 1,5V, Memory Timing to 2T, DCT from Gaged to Ungaged (in BIOS it's changed but CPU-Z still shows Gaged). It didn't help.

    I can't find QPI anywhere. Except of mentioned above there are also options: Bank Interleaving, Power Down Enable, MemClk Tristate C3/ALTVID. Can I try anything else?

    Maybe I could just change my memory to other model but how may I be sure that it will work and that it's not damaged MoBo?
  6. Based upon what I've read, it simply seems like incompatible RAM and not your MOBO. AMD MOBO's are pretty picky about memory.

    RE: QPI - the problem is it is called several things and each MOBO has its' own name for same thing?! I noted "DRAM Drive Strength // your manual is weak in description {increase}" try to increase the its value. When I looked at the manual it indicated. as I recal, a voltage or power increase. I assumed it was your MOBOs version of the same thing.

    If that fails then I would recommend using GEIL Configuration and exchange your RAM - you don't need this aggravation.

    Good Luck!
  7. Thanks again. I think I will give this model back and buy a new one, I am fed up with BIOS...
    I am thinking of PGS34G1600LLKA2 ( - Will it be good to my MoBo and CPU?
  8. I forgot to mention: GEIL Configuration can't identify best RAM for me...
  9. It appears to be okay, but your Patriot suggest that you email them prior to purchasing when I used their configurations tools -> I don't 'guess' on memory.
  10. Patriot confirmed it should be OK. Now I have to deal with the shop to get the money back for Geil memory.

    Don't close this topic yet, please. When I get new memory I will write if it works. Thanks anyway.
  11. No one's closing! Let us know & Good Luck!
  12. Hello once again.
    I just want to give a feedback. It's been few hours now since I work on my new Patriot memory and so far it works perfect, no problems at all.
    Don't know why, but MoBo automatically set frequency to 1066 MHz and voltage to 1,5 V - so I changed it manually to 1600/1,7 and everything's fine. Thank you for help.
  13. Yes, the Patriots are 1.7v - PC3-12800 (1600MHz) 8-8-8-24 1.7V.

    Glad to hear you're up & running! :)
  14. Unfortunately, I must start the topic again...

    For the 3 days the computer was running perfect. I was playing like 15 hours, watching videos etc and I had NO SINGLE ERROR.

    But with no reason, BSODs have come back. I haven't installed a single thing - except of automatic Windows update - nor I haven't touched BIOS. And now system is even less stable than before. Sometimes I can play for 1 hour without any problems. But other time, I get BSOD every few minutes. I tried Prime95 again - and sometimes it works for hours, but other time it showes this "Hardware failure detected" after one minute... Also when I open many videos on Youtube the system crashes. I checked Event Logs and there are many errors from different appz. I also restored system to the point it was working great and it didn't help.

    In BSOD there are many errors connected with graphic driver, others are PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. But I had a chance to test another GPU for a few hours and errors were exactly the same. Of course I have the newest drivers. So as for now I may be sure GPU and RAM are fine.

    But what else can I do? I am really mad about it and started loosing hope...
  15. I must add that CRC Errors dissapeared but BSODs are much worse...

    I am using Debugging Tools for Windows to analyze dump files, and in 90% cases, BSODs are caused by ntoskrnl.exe file. When checking Eveng Viewer, almost every time before crash I get this error: "Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0"
  16. Hi zenon90 I am having pretty much the same issues with my build. I had a lot of bsod due to memory management, the occasional page fault, and sometime a dll. I think they were dlls at least. When I downloaded things at the first run I got crc errors all the time. Then after updating BIOS and drivers everything just kinda of went away but I was still getting then occasional bsod and crc errors when installing from dvds. I had Microsoft security essentials and removed it for avast free which seemed to do the trick for crc errors but i haven't really installed much since then. I thought I was out of the woods but then when i reinstalled my video drivers i got a bsod memory management on start up. The computer seems to run fine after a few resets. catalyst crashed a few times now seems fine. But was has kinda remained was errors on prime95 and amd overdrive stability test. Like you sometimes they run for hours or sometimes they error within like a min or two. The only thing our systems have in common is we are using the same proc. Everything I've read points to a memory issue except when I come to this thread which is they only one I've found that sounds exactly like my problems and you say that you swapped the memory and the problems returned makes me think we have bad procs but I am really unsure. All my memory tests have shown no errors. Hard drive tests have shown no errors and i monitor my cpu temps during prime95 to ensure it doesn't overheat. I've never seen a bad processor so I'm not really sure about this but I was just wondering if you had fixed your problem and if you had if you could impart said wisdom onto me. I have read comments of people using my memory with this board with no problems so I know the memory is compatible. Nothing has ever been overclocked and the dram get constant voltage from the psu. I have tried manually setting all timings and 1T/2T mode which did nothing. Slightly increasing voltage just seemed to cause windows services to fail at start up and did not solve the problem. The psu has operated another computer with no problems and maintains steady volts so I highly doubt it is the problem really I think it can only be the mainboard ram or cpu.

    AMD PhenomII x4 955 BE
    Gigabyte GA890FXA-UD5 mainboard rev 2.1
    8GB Muskin silverline DDR3 1333 timed @ 9-9-9-24 per spec
    2x ATI 5750 gigabyte cards in crossfire
    coolermaster silent pro 700w psu
    western digital cav 1TB black

    So just wondering if you were able to solve your problems or if anyone has any other ideas Thanks
  17. Hi catskinz,
    Well, it may sound strange, but I'm kinda happy I'm not the only guy with these freaky problems.

    Let's take it briefly. As u know I was using dual-channel GEIL memory CL9/1333 MHz and it caused many errors. Then I switched to CL8/1600 MHz Patriots and it was working perfect for like few days and then started crushing again. So I checked both modules by Memtest+ and it turned out that one was somehow damaged - and when I use another one (so only 2 GB) everything is fine.

    So I checked also previous GEIL modules and tests showed that one of them is also damaged - though it wasn't at the beginning. So conclusion is that when memory is working in dual-channel, the motherboard someway damages one of the modules.

    As for now I am working on only one (2 GB) and there are no problems at all. I wasted my money damaging other modules but there is nothing I can do about it. It may be bad MOBO, that actually cannot work in dual-channer or bad PSU that gives to big/small voltages.

    I don't know how can I check it or how can I safely work in dual-channel. Maybe someone else can help us, though I doubt...
  18. Just ran memtest86+ for 3 hours and 2 complete passes with no errors did you have to do it one stick at a time to get errors? Maybe one of the dimm sockets is bad I might try moving them around if I get around to it. I'll keep you posted though thanks getting back to me I'll see if the problem persists. It just sucks cause it seems to go away and come back. Isn't your ram under warranty. I know mine has a lifetime warranty. You should rma the pair you are not using if it is. If you do get an rma try the good module in the socket that the bad one was in before you send it back to see if it goes bad. I know ram is really touchy and you could of gotten 2 bad sticks in a row. I know it seems unlikely but I've only received a good set of ram like 1 out of 4 times but they always tested bad so I would know or the system wouldn't boot and gave me a memory error code. This problem is just weird it's like there's an evil ghost in there screwing with my system sometimes and then sleeping the rest of the time allowing me to run without problems. So I guess what I'm saying is it would be nice to be able to prove something is making the ram go bad. I don't see how only running in dual channel mode could do that but I guess I don't know as I can't engineer a pcb that complex. Anyway I'll keep you posted if I ever find the solution. Maybe a exorcism or something.
  19. Hi there,
    Well it seems my problem's gone - or at least I hope so.
    After hours of fertile operations I've decided to buy a new MoBo. I bought ASRock 870 Extreme3, and I sent my previous MoBo and RAM on warranty. I got new memory and for one week it has been working great, no single error. I believe you should also try this, I am almost sure it's damaged main board - you probably can give it back to the shop. Good luck!
  20. Ok I think I have found my problem I am running a AMD Phenom II 955 BE rev C3. Now from what I have gathered stock voltage is 1.325 and mine was running at 1.312 and it's not stable until 1.360. Now my question is, is the CPU considered defective since it wont run stably at the lower voltage it is supposed to? I guess I'd have to take it up with AMD but any advice would be nice.
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