Win xp pro will not reply to ping. invisible on network

a peer network in my home, a workgroup, and mostly winxp computers. all can see all on the network, except one.

The problem computer will not reply to pings. While it appears to other machines when displaying the workgroup members, double clicking on it will get you an error about permissions.

the problem computer will reply to pinging itself, but not pinging from any other computer.

I've tried different NICs and the problem is the same, so it's not the NIC hardware. I've tried both DHCP and hard coded addresses.

No firewall.

The problem pc CAN access the drives of other workgroup computers but cannot be accessed by them. The problem pc has no problem accessing the router, and the Internet.
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  1. The Problem PC is very secured, check the differences in security and software.
  2. done that. been working on this for months. no firewall. Ping replies are not disabled.

    thinking that may be more of a stack overflow. Been a part of more than one workgroup over the years.

    As an aside, I downloaded and installed netbeui on the problem machine and two others. It's been a long time for netbeui and me, and I'd forgotten about it, but the two other machines could instantly see and access the problem pc.

    so I think it's a tcpip issue. and I'd really appreciate help solving it.

    In direct response to you Cyberat_88, is there a way, to quickly unsecure a pc, like... to revert to defaults?
  3. Yes, but the netbeui software would still be running, check those settings first. Go to Control Panel - Internet Options and Reset to Default. More drastically, uninstall network card and reboot.
    However, anti-virus settings will remain, since you replaced NICs the reset has happened. How many IPs do you allow from DHCP ? Tried changing PC name ? Workgroup names should be identical on all PCs.
  4. yep renamed the workgroup AND the pc. But the point is, ping replies are at a much lower layer (probably logical layer) than workgroups (using the OSI layer diagram). I don't need workgroups or common names at all to simply get a ping reply. But the ping command is a tcpip function. And I think it's microsoft's xp implementation of tcpip that's the problem. A stack somewhere.
  5. Have you checked your XP tcp/ip filter ?
    Sometimes turning filter on but allowing ALL may filter our replies.
  6. filter was off.
    I turned it on, but allow all.
    no change
    no ping reply.
  7. No ping reply is a security setting. You can switch off the filter.
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