Building A Computer. Which TV As Monitor Would You Choose Of Three?

Samsung LN46B650 46-Inch LCDHDTV w/Red Touch of Color
PRICE= $1050
-46INCHES 16x9
-1080p 1920x1080 Dynamic 100,000:1
-120Hz 4ms
-Input Video Signal ?
-Speakers (2 w/mounted subwoofer)
-Inputs HDMI,(2)Component,(2)Composite,1PC,2USB,1Ethernet
-Outputs Optical Digital Audio Out
-HDMI Ports (4)
-Size Without Stand 44.3 x 28.8 x 3.1 inches
-Size W/Stand 44.3 x 30.8 x 10.9 (WxHxD)
-Weight Without Stand 42.8lbs.
-Extra Features: Built In Dig. Tuner,Auto Motion +120HZ
Ultra Clear Panel, Picture In Picture, Side Mount USB,
Touch Of Color, Wide Color Enhancer 3, SRS TruSurround HD
DLNA Compatible, Content Library (2GB Flash Memory), Anynet
Variable Sleep Timer, Trilingual On (Eng., fre,spa.),
Swivel stand, Medi 2.0, Warranty 1 year.
(120 Reviews) 4.5/5 Stars 1 in stock this price.

Samsung UN40B6000 40” Class LED High Definition TV
PRICE= $1100
-40INCHES 16x9
-1080p, 1920x1080 Dynamic- 3000000:1
-120Hz 4ms
-Input Video Signals ATSC, QAM, NTSC
-Speakers (2)
-Inputs USB, PC, Composite, HDMI In, Component, Ethernet RJ45
-Outputs Analog Audio, Optical Digital Audio Out
-HDMI Ports (4)
-Height 24.8 (With stand 27.1)
-Width 38.7
-Depth 1.2 (With Stand 10.0)
-Weight 40.6LBS
-Extra Features: Auto Motion Plus, HD-Grade Pixel Resolution,
Touch Of Color, Ultra Clear Panel, Enriched Color Expressions,
InternetTV, InfoLink RSS Access, USB 2.0 Movie Multi-Media Cent.,
Conect Library (Flash), DLNA Networking, Media Stream, Media 2.0,
(5/5 Stars 21 Reviews Tigerdirect)

Samsung LN46C650 46" Class LCD HDTV
- 1080p, 1920x1080, 150000:1 Dynamic,
-120Hz, 4ms
-Input Video Signals ATSC, QAM, NTSC
-Speakers 2
-Inputs USB, PC, Composite, Component Video, HDMI, Ethernet RJ45
-Outputs Analog Audio, Digital Audio Out
-HDMI Ports (4)
-Height 28.8 (With Stand 30.8)
-Width 44.3
-Depth 3.1 (With Stand 10.9)
-Weight 53.8 lbs
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  1. Is there a particular reason you're opting to use a CE screen as your monitor?
  2. CE screen? What's that? And I am looking to find a screen of this size and clarity for reason of not only it being larger but because I would like to be able to have numerous windows open at one time at full size as I do lots of research and hate the whole switching tabs or copying pasting information to microsoft word for comparison. Also for Video conversion and audio encoding. Not as much for game purposes (but still play some here and there). Thanks!
  3. What you're going to find is that 1920 pixels spread across larger screens like 40+ inch Consumer Electronic screens doesn't make for a very pleasant viewing experience. This hold especially true for text.

    What I'd recommend is looking into multi-monitor technology like Eyefinity in which you can create a single large surface across as many as 3 monitors (soon to be 6). If you put these monitors in Portrait mode (turned on their side) and stacked side by side you get an area that's going to rival larger consumer lcd's while also retaining a capable resolution.

    I'm currently running this exact setup at 3150x1680. The monitors I purchased were Dell 2209wa's they're IPS screens so they have spectacular viewing angles for portrait mode and support extended color mode.

    I picked these up for 208 each which I'll admit is a steal, but even if you go with a more expensive screen you can come out for less than you'd be paying for one of these TV's that really isn't going to work as well as you'd like.
  4. Ah I see. What you are saying makes sense to me. My question then would be why on earth would they make these tv's with PC In capability and HDMI in if it were not going to display properly? Why would they put those capabilities into these televisions wouldn't they have loads of customers having problems with their displays trying to do this so it would want them to steer clear of making it possible?

    I was reading about it in this thread below and they have seemed to have success with it which is why I was curious about doing it. But if I you think I should stay clear I think I prob. won't invest in doing it.
  5. Not many people use CE LCD's as their primary display. I used a 42" Hitachi for a day a year or so ago, just to test it out. It was great for watching movies, but video lag was bad in games, and the resolution made text blurry.

    Another thing to keep in mind is this. Just because you have a bigger screen doesn't mean you're going to be able to fit more onto it. The things you fit will just be larger. Screen size doesn't equate to workable desktop area, only resolution.

    Here, just because I had my photobucket open for a different post I'll show you a pic of my setup to give you an idea, sorry for the blurryness I'm no photo expert:

    Ignore the gaps you see, I've realigned them since and they're gone. The Bezels of the monitors are prevalent, and regardless of what anyone tells you to the contrary they're always there and do require some working around. Not bad in games as you tend to not see them anymore, but a pain for things like browsing. It's a tradeoff no doubt.
  6. plus if you were to do a 1080P resolution you would be limited to max resolution and only resolution of 1920x1080 as if you did anything different bigger or smaller it would distort picture tremendously. Correct? Whereas using your method total monitors used is no matter as long as you got the video card to do the higher resolutions and monitors for it to display at that size.
  7. If the TV is specced for 1920x1080 that's the max resolution it'll support. I'm sure you could downscale to other resolutions though.

    With my setup I'm using 3x 1680x1050 monitors so my max resolution is 3150x1680 in portrait or if I wanted them lengthwise 5040x1050. I'm not too keen on a 5:1 aspect ratio though.

    Once the 5870 Eyefinity 6 ships I'll add that in crossfire and add 2 more Dell's. At that point I'll be running 5250x1680. It'll create a nice wrap around effect. 5x1 hmm, goodness.

    Here's a youtube video of a guy running 3x Dell U2410s. They're 24" 1920x1200 monitors that naturally support displayport. Very nice setup and you can see the Bezels aren't quite as prominent. Those monitors run about 500$ a pop though. Still gives you an idea of how it looks live.
  8. Those companies sell them hoping people who arent so smart will go and buy them... you see less with a consumer grade tv/monitor than I see on my 1920x1200 monitor
  9. LED TVs are the new craze. Much higher contrast ratios and better colors than the LCD TVs. Go for the LED TV if possible.
  10. Even after the talk personally I understand that you can get much higher quality picture/resolutions if you stick to just regular monitors that can support boosted resolutions over 1920x1080.. I just don't see myself needing to have a picture or resolution over blu ray quality. I don't see myself buying a 3D television as I see that as just an expensive fad also.. thats why I was just curious about the whole LED at 1080P as a monitor.
  11. If you really have no choice, like you have no other room in your place and you need the monitor to double as a tv, it's not the worst thing in the world. But in general, I agree with a4mula that you should go with a purpose-built monitor over a tv for your main display if you don't have a pressing reason to do otherwise.

    My HTPC uses my tv as its display, and leaving aside the distance to the screen, the text is somewhat annoying to read.
  12. Just to also may be an issue...If you need a new TV then get one!

    The Dell 2209wa he suggests for 3 of them would run you $996 which is equal in cost to the TV which can still act as a TV...

    Though when they come out with the Cable TV tuner i hear is coming then maybe....
  13. KeyLee19 said:
    Even after the talk personally I understand that you can get much higher quality picture/resolutions if you stick to just regular monitors that can support boosted resolutions over 1920x1080.. I just don't see myself needing to have a picture or resolution over blu ray quality. I don't see myself buying a 3D television as I see that as just an expensive fad also.. thats why I was just curious about the whole LED at 1080P as a monitor.

    While quality is major reason to increase resolution, it's far from the only one.

    The higher the resolution, the more desktop work area you have. One of your primary listed reasons for wanting a large monitor was so that you could work within multiple windows simultaneously. It doesn't matter if you have a 13" monitor or a 108" monitor in that regard. The only thing that determines the amount of workspace you have is your resolution.

    The Dell 2209wa he suggests for 3 of them would run you $996 which is equal in cost to the TV which can still act as a TV...

    I paid 208.00 each with shipping included, brand new from Dell Small Business. If you have the inclination and the patience you can get this same deal. It's just a matter of going through enough sales reps before you find one that'll do it.
  14. Sorry for sounding totally naive. I appreciate everyone's input on this topic. However, Just of curiosity can someone explain to me why text would be unclear and annoying to read. For example, the current computer I am on the monitor is this One:

    Its nothing really fancy and its pretty simple. The highest resolution is the 1920x1080 which is blu ray resolution correct? I however display it only at 1680x1050 as my video card is outdated and only a 512mb that doesn't have HDMI output so cant quite reach with the full 1920x1080 resolution. (when switched to it it just flickers because of no HDMI connection (only DVI)). Sorry to keep pushing and pushing this topic further as all of your answers have been fantastic.. this is just a learning curve for me but if my Video card was say the 5870 with HDMI output and the 40" Led was connected to that card by HDMI both set at resolution of 1920x1080 then why would it cause the text to be incorrect? I mean isn't PS3 connected to a Commercial Electronic TV (the 40" LED) and it wouldnt display text or things incorrectly. What would make it different used as a computer screen if the response time is 4ms and 3,000,000:1? Thanks, I swear this is my last question lol.
  15. Let's exaggerate a bit to help our cause.

    Imagine a sheet of notebook paper. Turn it sideways and write a sentence, one letter per line. Easy to read right? Ok, now let's take that paper and stretch it out to the size of a bedsheet. As you stretch the paper the letters that you've written will stretch along with the paper making them more and more difficult to read.

    This same concept applies to monitors.

    You have 1920 horizontal pixels. Now when you cram those 2k pixels onto a 19" monitor it's a pretty good deal. However when you start to stretch that monitor (by making it larger) the pixel count isn't increasing, so what happens?

    They get further apart. 1920 pixels isn't too bad @ 19", 21", or even 23/24". Take it up to 42" and the pixels are so far apart that it gives everything a slight blur.

    The pixels aren't actually getting further apart btw, they're actually growing in size, getting larger. Easier to understand the other way though I think.
  16. Resolution most certainly matters, but on larger screens you also need to consider viewing distance.

    Im assuming you're going to use a viewing distance of about 2 - 4 feet (as is the case with most computer screens), and as such I would not recommend getting anything with much less than 5,000 pixels per square inch. This is also known as DPI (Dots Per Inch).

    In the case of a 46" monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio (36.8 x 27.6 screen = 1016 square inches) running at 1920x1080 resolution, it would have about 2000 pixels per sq. inch. This just isn't high enough pixels per sq. inch, being as you stated you want to have multiple, small pictures open (multiple documents open -- which require good definition).

    Computer monitors have drastically superior pixel density (aka PPI), which (amongst other general benefit) is why most people use them and not TV's. You most certainly can use a TV, but I wouldn't recommend spending your cash until you know how those web pages and text documents are going to look when you're up close to the screen. Like others have said, you may find that a bunch of open documents simultaneously being displayed will result in blurry text.
  17. Get your laptop, or borrow someones.
    Get a HDMI cable, head to Best Buy, or where ever you are thinking about buying your LCD TV.
    Tell them what you are thinking about, hook up the laptop to one of the display TV's, and check it out yourself.
    That is what the display TV's are for, use them!
  18. Or tell them you wanna use one of their laptops to do this before you make any decisions.

    If the sales rep won't do it, I'm sure one of their managers has the authority to make this happen. Always flex your consumer muscles :P. If they won't do it, just go to somewhere else that will. Remember, it's their job to assist you, and if they won't do it then there is no point in dealing with them. Any good sales rep will make things happen for you, just like a4mula said when he had to work the dell reps to get a good deal on his monitors.
  19. ^Exactly. They should be quite glad to help you with this.
  20. Thats a very good idea. I didn't even think of doing something like that. I may give it a try just for look-see sake. Thanks Everyone :)
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