Does installing a new OS wipe my HD?

Hey, does installing a new OS wipe the harddrive?
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  1. Yes, when you install a new OS into any harddrive of your computer than must to wipe your full drive. Evolis Card Printers
  2. It depends on the operating system. Older versions of Windows can be installed on top of previous installations. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 folders that would be overwritten (Windows, Program Files, Users, etc...) will be moved to a backup folder.

    Installing an OS without wiping the hard drive is not recommended however.
  3. windows 7 can make a new OS ontop of your old one, and it will make your old data renamed into like windows.old/programs.old etc. So you will not lose it if you select the option install on existing
  4. It will go into a windows.old file. Experienced it before fixing my windows vista a few years back. to avoid problems, you either have to use a different hdd or partition the current one.
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