Newbie help!!!!

Hi Guyzzz...

Please advise if the following cards will work on my pc or not.

my pc specs is

Intel P4 3 Ghz Hyperthreading Enabled
Intel D101GGC mother board with pci x16 slot
1Gb DDR Ram
320 Gb HDD
400 W psu

Monitor 20.5" HP 2009F VGA, DVI-D input

Please let me know if the cards ATI RADEON 4670 or Geforce 9600GT will work on the above configuration.

If the cards work then which one should I choose.. again thanks for all your time...

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  1. You'll be fine, but you'll also have some bottlenecking issues.
  2. Shadow is spot on. they'll both be fine, but the CPU will be holding you back a bit. A little bit of OCing will help. Out of those 2 cards, the 4670 is probably where I would go- no external power connector needed and its really powerful for the price.
  3. Yo, bro.

    I upgraded from a Pentium 4 to a Pentium Dual Core E5300.

    I advise a ATI 5670; its alot more powerful than either the 4670 or the 9600 GT.

  4. So why upgrade a card at all?
  5. I would imagine the point of upgrading is that the OP doesn't ever list a GPU (maybe using IGP) and wants to be able to do some semblance of gaming on the 20.5" display :-)
  6. I was talking to seerwan. He suggested cards above cards that will be bottlenecked.
  7. thanks for all ur suggestion.. well my main motive was to use my monitor properly and some gamin with moderate settings.. i think of upgrading the psu to 500W.. and upon checking they told that there are two types like the basic psu of 500W and another one which they mentioned as server or somethin.. please advise
  8. You won't need to upgrade your PSU at all. The HD5670 runs perfectly fine on a 400W.
  9. XFX 9600GT PV-T96G-YNF3 this is what i bought.. I got small cable with it having 2 pins on one side and i don't know where to connect it to the PSU.. I could connect one side of the cable to the graphics card to a slot at the socket near the fan's power
  10. You should have got the HD4670 like everyone else said. It DOES_NOT_NEED_AN_EXTERNAL_CONNECTOR. Now you're chancing it with your PSU of blowing up your computer, because I really wouldn't trust a 400W no-brand PSU with a 75+Watt GPU.
  11. I will be upgrading the PSU.. current model is of iball400w
  12. wat brand of psu do u suggest?
  13. okay this one doesnt require an extra power cable i suppose... just installed the card and every thing looks fine as of now.. comments are welcome

    Thank you guys
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    That black socket is not a power socket it's the SPIDF port so that you can have audio over HDMI.
  15. thanks buddy.. testing the card now.. will keep posted... thank you everyone for helping me out here... the card as of now is cool.. is there any software by which we can measure the temperature of the card?
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