My SSD is too slow: help please!

Hi everyone!
I just bought a Samsung RC530-S05 notebook and I replaced the former HDD with a Verbatim 128GB Sata-II SSD, I installed Windows 7, all the drivers, Avira and a couple of games.
The boot-up speed drastically lowered after the Avira installation (15 sec), so I ran some benchmarks. The results were low, so I checked if the AHCI is enabled, I installed the Intel RST and I also did most of the tweaks suggested here. Nothing changed.
I can't figure out what's wrong, can you please help me?

Samsung RC530:
CPU Intel Core i7 2670QM (2.20 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache) - Ram 6Gb DDR3 - HDD 1TB

These are my benchmark results:

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More about slow please
  1. Update: I uninstalled Avira and the boot time dropped from 40 to 18 sec. It is better but still not enough. Another bad symptom is that Windows Experience Index marks the disk performance to 5.9, which is way too low for a SSD.

    Up to 270MB/sec. read speed and 225MB/sec write speeds

    Your read speeds seem fine, but your writes are way low. Unfortunately I have no idea what the fix might be. Bios update or perhaps a different SATA driver?
  3. 4745454b said:
    Bios update or perhaps a different SATA driver?

    Bios is up to date and I also tried the Microsoft AHCI driver, instead of Intel RST, without significant differences.
  4. Update firmware? Read is good so I doubt its a cable issue. Perhaps bad drive?
  5. We have simular laptops, I have the Samsung RF711-s01 (I5-2410M) and installed a pair of Curcial M4s. Initially I had bought the a Agility III to go into it, I could NOT install Windows 7, bought the M4 and not a single problem. From this, I guess I'd say that the Samsumg may be a little touchy on SSD compatability AND Slow on coming out with BIOS updates.

    Your AS SSD snap shot shows the correct driver (iaSTor) - Is it the most current version ( I Think the most current is 10.8).

    The agility III, using AS SSD overall score, Only scores around 400->450. Could not find a good review of your SSD, but probably would not score higher than the agility III, So I'd concur you are low. And YOUR WEI score is LOW, it equalls a HDD, and even a low end sata II SSD should score over 6.3 and probably closer to 7.0 so something is out of kilter. May need to start over with a Secure erease to reset to factor performance spec.

    One thing is runing as many Benchmarks as you have is NOT a good thing and each pass lowers your score - need to let Trim and CG work their magic inbetween runs.
    Here is my AS SSD score For my Samsung RF711-S01 (PS I only use AS SSD as a benchmark for SSDs):

  6. I reinstalled the Intel Chipset drivers and the RST, then I did another WEI test and the disk result raised to 6.7: not so bad.
    I've found this review and it seems that the AS SSD values are not so high anyway, but still really different if compared with mine.

    I'm going to try and test the SSD on another computer, just to be sure, and then I'm going to give it back to the shop for another one.

    Thanks for your help!
  7. AS SSD scores are almost always lower than say ATTO. The reason is that ATTO uses data that is readily compressable vs AS SSD using data that is already compressed. AS SSD is more realistic (still not perfect as files on a OS + Program drive are still compressable to a small degree.

    The best benchmark to look for in a review is PCMark Vantage, both the overall score and then look at individual applications that you most often look at. For gamers it is like looking at benchmarks for the game you play for the video card you use.
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