Get a Freeze when playing Modern Warfare 2

hi all, just for few days ago, after I'm changing my old PC, I'm trying to run the modern warfare 2, and get the freezes, here's my spec:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965
Mobo: GA-790FXTA-UD5
PSU: Corsair HX850Watt
Memory: Corsair TW3X4G1333C9DHX
GPU: Saphire Vapor-X HD5870
OS: Windows XP professional SP 3 32Bit

when I'm running the other games like BIOSHOCK 2 and RE 5, it runs perfectly without any crash..., the driver of the GPU are the latest one..., and have the latest one of directX 9

and here's how it occurs:
for the first time I'm running the MW 2, it running smoothly, playing the first mission and when I'm reaching the turret guns..., this incident happened..., first thing to do is trying to low all res setting..., but still same...(but it happened just maybe I thought the driver is not updated...) after I had updated the driver..., with all setting on max performance in ATI catalyst control center, it's still same

turn them off(except for the Catalyst AI), and still have the same problem..., and at last... I'm turning the Catalyst AI off..., just because my friend told me to do so(he said "some games are not compatible when you're trying to turn the catalyst AI on"), and still got the same problem..., I'm trying to reinstalling back..., but the problem are even greater, so I can't play this game...(but I still can play BIOSHOCK 2 and RE 5 with all those settings and in high res setting that I mentioned before without problem...)

any ideas for this? I'm really stuck at this point and don't know what I have to do...
thanks before...

Sorry just because it's oot, so I'll put it in here..., the windows are fresh installed, but it seems it had a problem..., when I'm using the uTorrent for downloading..., the PC always reset without BSOD(I had this problems before but it comes with BSOD, and not figured it out yet 'till now...), I thought maybe this is have a connection to the problem I mentioned in above..., or maybe not...
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  1. Is the game a store bought or did you download it through torrent?
    Have you ran prime 95 on your memory yet to rule it out? A BSOD downloading torrents shouldn't happen at all, not intensive enough.
  2. err... the game was downloaded via torrent by my friend... and it can run smoothly in my old PC without any problems like this, and I was planning to buy the original ones..., if it can resolve the problems..., is it the MW 2 files from torrent are like this? Or is there any other way to fix it?

    for prime 95, not yet... and I'll try it later tonight..., cause I'm just know it right now..., and downloaded it..., err mind if I ask you to explain it about how to use it? I'm still new for this software..., thanks... :)
  3. problem is solved... I change my OS into windows 7 64 bit..., and the game run smoothly without any problems at all..., and already end it in about 5-6 hour in hardened mode... thanks for the support... ;)
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