recomand hardware for animation with 3d studio max 2009_64bit

please help me for this configuration
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  1. Please post your budget.. 3DS Max as demanding as it is can easily reach (even overshoot) a config recommendation worth 10000 $ .. So post your budget and your intended use with this software.. Are you starting up with this or are you a seasoned pro.?
  2. Try posting it in the default format.
  3. Phenom x6 + 6 gigs of ram and overclock it to 4.0+. Cheap, viable solution that should be around $1,000 tops with a fast SSD + storage HDD and a decent video card. I'm not sure which video cards support 3DSM rendering - you should google that. If any of them do - invest heavily in a good GPU setup and drop the CPU down to an i5 750 or a 955. That would be my path anyway.
  4. Overclocking a workstation only config is not recommend as it induces stability issues.. Also that means you require extra investment on aftermarket cpu cooler, good air flow casing, PSU etc..etc.. Its not like you require to have a slouch with all those essential components.. Its just that its unnecessary for a workstation build..
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