What RAM to use?

I overclock my i5-750 @ 4.0.
before I was using the 1200 DRAM frequency 200*6 for the RAM multiplier.
when I OC my RAM to 1600 I get a higher score on 3dmark Vantage.
if I use 2000 RAM frequency will I it still be increase my score?
I only use single channel for the moment.
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  1. I would leave it at 1600 for awhile and see if it's stable.
  2. I already stress test the RAM using memtest86 and it pass the stress test.
    I'm only using the stock DRAM voltage OCed it to 1600.
    will I still be OC it to 2000mhz?
    I'm using kingston 1333 value RAM.
  3. Not likely, but you can try. The maximum recommended ram voltage is 1.65. Going higher just for an overclock isn't worth the risk.
  4. if I'm using the 1600mhz frequency, will it battleneck on my processor running @ 4.0ghz.
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    No. If you want to try overclocking the ram to 2000, it can't hurt anything. But don't be surprised if it doesn't pass the stress test. I'd be happy with 1600.
  6. it won't destroy my ram right, if I only increase the frequency to 2000mhz and leave the voltage alone?
  7. No, it won't hurt anything to try as long as your ram is set at 1.5-1.65 volts.
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