Can't overclock Intel i7-3770K (HELP PLEASE)

So I sold my 3770 and bought a 3770K, for overclocking purposes, and I'm having some issues.

When I go into the BIOS, I can't raise the ratio at all, it's permanently fixed at 35. I've tried everything, it just won't let me change it.

Any suggestions?

Furthermore, I can't change the ratio higher than 39 using EasyTune6, which came with the motherboard.

Thanks guys,
- Ryan

Current BIOS: Gigabyte F12
Motherboard: GA-D75M-D3H
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  1. Are you sure you have the K version?

    Did you read the small text on the chip before installing it?
  2. Please recheck your motherboard's model number. I don't find a match at Gigabytes website. If you mean the GA-B75M-D3H, then that's a B75 chipset board, which is poorly suited for overclocking, and you might need to get a Z77 chipset board instead.
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