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Trouble with asus sabertooth x58

I just got my sabertooth in today and I'm already having issues. The CPU and VGA lights are on when I power up, and my case fan and cpu cooler don't come on either. I've never installed a new motherboard before. Also, I just now realized that there is no plug for the ribbon cable for my DVD drives. I'm upgrading from an asus p6t deluxe V2. Any advice is appreciated, I don't know why the vga and cpu led's are on. Both my cpu and gpu worked fine on the other mobo.
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  1. ribbon cables.... as in ide? make sure you have the power/hdd/etc pins installed correctly, double check your cpu power and any pcie power/ extra power inputs are connected. Reseat the cpu and HSF. Do a cmos clear. Troubleshoot, troubleshoot...

    Is your power supply sufficient (you didn't post much about the hardware)?
  2. ^Yep 'ribbon' ---> time to spend another $20 on a SATA DVD.

    Did you connect BOTH the 8-pin CPU and 24-pin power to the MOBO and the power to the GPU from the PSU {assuming it has a connector}?
  3. I have an hx1000 watt corsair PSU. I've checked my cables and reseated the CPU, did the cmos reset, still won't do anything. I Don't get any sounds. Beginning to think my cpu is damaged? I hope not.
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    Next, breadboard place MOBO on cardboard and use the minimum configuration, verify ALL components are properly seated -> don't baby.

    Minimum components:
    1. One stick RAM
    2. Detach all headers; except CPU fan. ; use a paperclip or screw driver to short the power switch.
    3. Primary HDD
    4. NO Keyboard or Mouse
    5. No DVD

    PSU, GPU, RAM, HDD/SSD, Monitor - that's it.
  5. I was able to get everything up and running, I'm actually replying to the thread on it now :) I had to order the SATA DVD drives, and I'll be doing a reinstall of windows etc. Thanks for the help guys.
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  7. Unfortunately it's common -- you'd think but ... I've lost count with DVD drives.

    Congratulations! :sol:
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