OC Phenom II x6 1045t on G 970A D3

I have looked everywhere to find an answer yet, I'm desperately need your superior help. I'm planning to OC my CPU to at least 3.4 Ghz since its Idle temp is 15C and Prime95 max load is 28C - took on CoreTemp in room temp at 74F (7 LED case fan with Zalman LQ310 Liquid cooling)

I'm new to overclocking, so I didn't want to do anything reckless. The layout in BIOS of this MB is a lot different than all others which mean I'm unable to follow any typical guide out there. Tried with AMD Overdrive, but there was no option to increase Clock speed. Easy Tune 6 that came with MB ran Easy Boost test for ages and still haven't given any results. (probably for Black Edition CPU only)

Here are what I came up with so far, but it failed to boot. Any ideas?






Thanks a lot in advance!
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