External Graphic Card

Does anything like it exist. I have to use office PC box is small and i can not fit a decent GF only way is to get a new comp which will cost company probably 3 times normal price.
So i thought i ll get external GF and problem solved.

but i seem nothing like that exists.
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  1. Don't know of any either. It would be very possible though. A simple cable to connect the PCIe slot with the box and an external power supply is all you would need.
    Heck, I am surprised they haven't made a graphics card that will take an external power supply.
  2. just spot that one :
    from close look it doesn`t look inviting.

    I google PCI cable and try doing it this way.

    Thanks for quick response
  3. It would probably work fine for office apps. I doubt it would work for games very well.
  4. I went to Maplin to get it. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately ) not in stock.
    It is very frustrating for me using my pc (dell optiplex 760)
    I am thinking to swap cases. Get a new one and fit all what inside into it.
    I add new GPU and problem solved.

    Just wondering how hard is it to do it with Dell ???

    Any one had an experience with it ??
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