Realtek ALC889 5.1 issue win7 64

alright im just going to get to the nitty gritty of it all i just built a new rig and my Asus P6X58D-E wich came with a realtek ALC 889 on it and my problem like everyone else ive read is i will only get 2.1 audio out of most of my music and some movies and i cant seem to fix it or find a good fix for real 5.1 without some bogus tricking with the settings of some sort

SOOO i'm here to askk my old rig had a Sound blaster 2 zs can i just take that thing out and install it and will it fix all my woes ? my previous sstem was a windows service 3 32 bit with that installed and i got 5.1 out of all my media so im wondering if this will rectify the situation or not could anyone give me feedback

p.s. this is a gaming rig i get 5.1 in games but i enjoy blasting music took and u cant really do that with 2 speakers
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  1. First off, what I have to say isn't really a direct fix to your problem, its just with realtek in general

    I'm a gamer, and being so, I have alot of games! My onboard audio is also realtek. Unfortionantly since game makers seem to be getting sloppier with their games on new releases, there are often issues with realtek audio. Consistantly getting freezes with certain games (including a brand new one bad company 2). I did my research, and decided to get a sound blaster. Reason being; creative is the most popular sound card brand out, and game makers would be insane to release a game that isn't compatible with the creative line.

    Ever since then.. Sound sounds better, games play without freezes, and I don't have to worry about any slight draw from the CPU due to onboard sound.

    Otherwise, I'd reinstall OpenAL, and also make sure all your drivers and software enhancers are up to date.
  2. that card is pretty old, its quite close to alc 888....

    you should jsut have nvested in a asus card, where the quality is far much better, plus the prices are little more modest.
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