Whats the coolest looking case for under $70?

Building a new comp and I want the coolest lookng case I can get. I would like it to have good cooling also. Thanks :)
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  1. I like the Xion, the cruiser, and the m59. Which do you thinks the best out of those cooling wise and price wise
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    The M59 is a WONDERFUL deal for $30 AR, its a quality case with a nice design and has pretty nice airflow.

    +1 -- It includes 2 120mm fans and also has free shipping which brings the price even lower compared to the others with their $15 shipping added on !!
  3. Ok, then i'll go with the m59. thanks :)
  4. One more question- what about the rosewill destroyer? I can get that for $46 with a dvd drive
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  6. I like the m59 better. I think ill go with that. Thanks! :)
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