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What good graphic card would be compatible with my Gigabyte EP31-DS3L?
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  1. Any card that uses a PCI-E X16 connector will fit.

    Please refine your question: Do you intend to use this for games? If so what is the resolution of the monitor? What are the rest of the system specs-particularly the powersupply output on the +12v line or lines? How much do you intend to spend?
  2. I would like to use it for games which demand alot of graphics,How do i know my monitor's resolution? 4 GB Ram, a 9400 GT Grapic Card, Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 2.83 GHZ, I would like to spend about 600$.
  3. Sry 200$ i mean
  4. GE-C420N-C2 Power Supply 420 Wats, Max Resolution of my monitor is 1680X1050
  5. That PSU is a little weak on the +12v lines (1x10A and 1x13A) but should still drive most cards within your budget wit no problems.

    Best value: HD4850, they're on the 'Egg for under $100 US but lack the features of the new 5xxx series, they are capable of playing most games at your resolution at high/max settings smoothly.

    Best choice: HD5750: A little faster than the HD4850 and draws less power, also has better HD sound if you're into movies and, of course, full DX11 support.

    Fastest: HD5770, still under budget and faster than the HD5750, although more expensive, it will be slightly held back by the CPU, though, although this means you will be able to run at higher AA/AF settings without suffering too much of a performance hit.

    If you are using XP then the HD4850 is the best choice, DX10/11 are not available under XP, they are Vista and Win7 only, so the extra expense of the HD5750/5770 will largely be wasted, unless you migrate to another OS.
  6. Thanks alot but 1 question say if i get HD5750 will this will work on xp if i install it? because yea i might be migrate for another OS
  7. and i would be guesing my best choice is the HD5750?
  8. never mind this question didnt realize you typed best choice is there anyways i would make my PC a bit more faster?
  9. Can i change my PSU?
  10. Is this card any better tan the 9400 GT?
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