New Videocard

Hello there, i'm planning to upgrade my computer with a new videocard and power supply.
But will it even work on my PC ?

New videocard i'm going to buy (Sapphire ATI HD5770 VaporX, 1GB ):

New power supply i'm going to buy (Cooler Master PSU eXtreme 460W, Passive PFC) :

My Motherboard:

So the question is, will the new video card and PowerS run on my PC ?

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  1. Yes.
    With the provisio that you: Do not have a massive CPU or that you have not heaviliy overclocked it.
  2. Allright thanks, to which frequency should I overclock actually, so it should stop bottlenecking the card ?
  3. Which CPU is it?
  4. E5200 2.5Ghz (stock)
  5. This will "do the math" for you as to sizing a PSU:
  6. Push it as hard as you can, my previous E6600 /5770 rig was still showing performance gains at 3.2GHz (stock 2.4).
    I'd suggest a bit more power, though, 500W as a minimum and do NOT forget to add a better cooler to the CPU or you could damage it through overheating.
  7. Allright thanks :D
    So conclusion is E5200 at stock speed wouldnt be playable ?
    Or buying a Q8400 would solve all the problems ?
  8. So I have a 5770 960/1420 and a E5200 stock at 2.5 Ghz. I feel like I should be getting better frames.

    I get about 25 FPS average on Crysis Warhead Maxed at 1280x1024 without AA, just for reference. a quote from

    So i should be fine actually with that CPU ?
  9. I just discovered that my PCI-E slot is V1.1 and the videocard is V2.1, will this bottlneck ?
  10. Somebody can answer my question please, its kinda urgent.
  11. Crysis Warhead needs a massive machine to run it well, even at 1280x1024.
    Try a few tweaks to improve the performance: Shadows and other lighting effects can soak up a great deal of processing time and turn the physics down a notch as well.
    Do not worry about the PCI-E version, the HD5770 is nowhere near fast enough for it to make a difference, PCI-E 1.1 will barely slow a GTX295 for example.
    Before spashing out on a new CPU make very certain the motherboard will support it, some will, some will not and some need a BIOS flash in order to support a different CPU.
    Rather that taking that route you might want to consider overclocking, given some decent cooling the E5200 is quite capable of running much faster, but results will vary and depend as much on motherboard/RAM as the CPU itself.
  12. Allright thanks mate!
    I'm going after the videocard tommorow, if I still need more FPS, I will overclock my CPU.
    Thanks for your usefull reply's, cleared up all the problems! :)
  13. Just remember: Overclocking is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get;)
    Do some research first, you CAN destroy the CPU and do other damage when overclocking.
    And as a final warning, overclocking can be addictive:)
    Have fun, mate!
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