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Hi there. Had a browse through the forums and couldn't really find an answer to my question so here goes...

I have a single 80GB 7200RPM SATA drive and two 5400RPM 80GB SATA laptop drives.

What I am wondering is if the two 5400RPM drives would out perform the 7200RPM drive under RAID0.

If so, would it be an appreciable performance gain or just something seen on benchmarks?

Thanks guys.
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  1. I doubt that you would experience a performance gain with the two slower drives in RAID 0, plus you increase your chance at data loss.
  2. Thanks. Went for a 120GB SSD from Intel. Not regretting it :D
  3. That would be my first choice. :)
  4. When i saw the title, a light bulk goes off in my head: V i a r g
    Sorry I can not stop laughing...

    Totally agree with Realbeast - SSD hand down!
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