Global sound mixer to fix treble/bass for all programs?


Is there way to adjust treble/bass globally in win 7?

Other than volume, I can't seem to find a something similar to iTunes which can help fix my sound quality.

I have cheap desktop speakers and a mini subwoofer -- the bass needs to be turned down.
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  1. Not as part of Windows 7, if you have an addin sound card with software, or your motherboard supplies such software for onboard sound. Otherwise get better speakers with their own controls, which would be best option.
  2. When I did the fresh OS install with Win 7 64 it just applied a standard "high definition audio" driver.

    Wonder if I could get a driver update from Intel for their G33 board.

    Only concern is that it's a driver that seems to control the integrated audio/video. Not sure I want to mess with that and risk things getting messed up with my graphics card.
  3. Found it: soundmax hd driver

    Now I just need a 3rd party mixer??
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    To turn down the bass do as follows;

    Right click on speaker icon, next to the time.

    Select Playback devices,

    Right click on speakers

    Select Properties

    then select Enhancements tab,

    tick Bass Boost

    Then select Settings at the bottom

    From here you can turn down or up the Bass.

    Click OK, Apply. Ok.
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