Any reason NOT to get the Crucial M4

ooking at 240-256 GB around $1/gig, seems crucial M4 is right up there.

Heard Mushkin Chronos Deluxe is good, along with Samsung 830

1. Don't need the absolute best performing drive
2. Would like most reliable brand
3. Using for windows, critical apps only
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  1. After many weeks trying to decide between the M4 and the samsung 830 i eventaully went with the OCZ Vertex. It dropped 40$ and i couldn't justify paying that much extra for two ssd's that supposedly perform slower.

    Reliable? eh ocz is ok but i hear terrible things about their rebates... and that's 20 of the 40 i saved... lol

    also the crucial m4 and samsung were 128gb vs. OCZ's 120gb but i was told that is because they left extra room on the sandforce ssd's for some reason.. longer life maybe? prevent u from filling it over 90%? something like that....

    Anyways in the 120-128gb range taht is my reccomendation.

    tbh though i dont think you can miss with any of those! great choices
  2. oh i forgot, most reliable has to be samsung. legendary.
  3. adambeau said:
    oh i forgot, most reliable has to be samsung. legendary.
    Well Intel is probably the most reliable, but yes Samsung drives are also very reliable.

    And OP was looking at 240-256 drives, not 120-128.

    But getting back to OP's question, the Crucial M4 is usually a little over $1/GB ($1.17/GB). But right now it's at only $0.97/GB!

    Since reliability is your priority, then the M4 is by far the best way to go because it's much cheaper than a Samsung 830 or 520 from Intel.

    So basically, get this: I guarantee you won't regret getting it :)

    - Jake
  4. I like my 256GB M4 but I wasn't overly impressed withthe speed increase but that's not why I bought it. I don't think there's a more reliable drive for the money or maybe for any price.
  5. I am thinking about samsung 830 also, for less storage (128gb)

    cheaper than m4 256
  6. The M4 256 is $220 at right now:

    Plus you can get $10 off if you are a new customer -- lowest price yet on a high quality drive of that size.
  7. I've had mostly OCZ SSDs and haven't had any trouble with their Vertex, Vertex2, Vertex3, or RevoDrive 3 X2. I hear that others are much better but I can attest to OCZ's reliability.
  8. None of the SATA III drives have been out long enough to Get a real user defined reliability, But you can get a good feel for "user Problems"
    Generally the M4s, Samsung 830, and Intel 510 & 520 have about the best "satisfied" ratio when compared to the rest. (Note: the Intel 520 is the Only SF22xx that gets hig marks)
    My recommendation has always been: M4s samsung 830s, or the Intel 510/520. Which One - Which of the three is on sale. If all three were within 10 bucks, then as listed, but in reverse order.
    Have 2 128 gig M4s and one 128 Samsung 830s and 2 120 Gig agility IIIs (NOT REcommended)

    PS: Outside of benchmarks - In real life usage you MIGHT see a nickels worth of diff in performance, And then again Might NOT - LOL

    Bottom line, Samsung 830 or M4, which ever one is Cheapest and ENJOY it!!!
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