Gigabyte 4550 and WoW

Hey there, I recently came into a 4550 from a friend after he upgraded his card. was wondering how it would perform in WoW playing on a 1650x1080 screen. What settings do you think I could get on it for say, keeping over 25pfs during lich king raids?
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  1. Don't expect much. Raids and huge cities always kill cards; I'd get a HD4850. What card do you have now?
  2. currently using a 7300gs, running all low settings, about 35fps max, 15 in dalaran. Gaming computer burnt out a few months ago, and no money coming in atm.
  3. check this out... while the 4550 may be higher in this chart, you will see improvements, but not entirely sure how much... overall you will see an improvement...,2569-6.html
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    It'll be higher than a 7300Gs for sure. If I were you and you wanted good performance in WoW, just get an HD5670 for about $85. But definitely the card will be a decent improvement.
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