Why should i use trim on my ssd's?

Hey guys My recently upgraded system is running 1 ssd currently (corsair force 3 series 120gb) and i have another on the way it may even be here today..(OCZ Vertex 120gb)

Now here is my question: why do i need to use trim? how often? and how do i actually do it...

I also was told to "secure erase" every 6 months (not more often because it will wear out the drive) but again have no idea how to do this.

I'm starting to think i forgot to install/download something very important to keep this drive up to speed.

Thanks guys i know these are dumb questions for most of you but i really appreciate the help!
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    TRIM is turned on automaticaly with a new install of windows 7. no need to do anything more.
  2. Awesome, thank you anonymous1! That is good news.

    and i know how to use google/wiki's but i thought this is where i can ask questions like this, that's why i signed up! No need to answer if you feel i didn't do enough research first.
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