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Upgrade nvidia geforce6600

we have an HPxw4200 workstation with a nvidia6600 card and need to upgrade. Machine used mostly for gaming. Some specs are
3.20 gb intel pent. 4 processor, 160 gb hard drive, (90 free), 3072 memory, 149 gb free. XP operating system. Need recommendation under $150. Thanks,
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  1. Your system is PCIe so it'll be easy and pretty cheap to upgrade to a card that's much better. The problem is your CPU is very weak by today's standards and will limit you from playing a lot of current games smoothly. I would recommend an HD4670 or HD5670. Anything more powerful than those will be pointless with that processor. They should be good for low resolutions (1280x1024 and below) in games that your processor can keep up with.
  2. Thanks. Would you just order online at the cheapest place or does it matter?
  3. I suggest that you order at Great prices, and a wonderful service.
  4. Newegg is a good site to use. Good design, reliable and some of the best prices you'll find. I would probably get this;
    or this
    The HD5670 is about 20% faster although I'm not sure it will matter much with that processor. It is DX11 compatible which the HD4670 is not.
  5. Thanks. Ordering now.
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    When you get the card you will want to ignore the driver cd and get the latest catalyst control center from the ATI website;
    Then you will want to uninstall the Nvidia graphic drivers for your old card. Afterward to be boot into safe mode and run driver sweeper to make sure everything is gone so there will be no issues;
    Then swap out the cards, restart, install catalyst and you should be good to go.
  7. OK, did all of the above. Some games run much better, but Call of Juarez Bound in Blood is jerky. Kane and Lynch won't even move. May be the game, but wanted to see if there was anything else we should do. The driver fetch did update a lot of the drivers. Thanks again.
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