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Im new here and im running prime95 right now, and pc wizard tells me that the temperatures for my hardware monitoring, the CPUT is 75 celcius and MBTP is 190.67 celcius (i think its a bug). And my processor is AMD Athlon II X4 645, overclocked today to 3.56GHZ and the core temperatures is 66-69 celcius.
Is the temperatures safe or not?
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  1. "Safe" temperatures is anything below the TjMax, which is where the CPU will start to throttle its performance to avoid burning out. Usually its something like 100c, but I know some of the Phenom II chips were ~60c, so might want to check.
    Though good luck finding it, I did a quick Google search and came up with nothing.

    70c under Prime95 is a decent enough temperature, not great but not bad. Are you using aftermarket cooling or the stock AMD cooler?
  2. Okay, and i've got 2 aftermarket cooling and 1 stock cooler on my processor
  3. And forgot to tell you but its a custom made computer,
  4. Oh, forgot to mention, generally you dont want to be running anywhere near the TjMax. Just because the CPU can go to 105c doesn't mean you should, I personally dont let my components above 70c.

    Getting an aftermarket cooler on that CPU will lower temps by a fair bit, something like a 212 EVO (~$30) will perform far better than the stock heatsink.
  5. **and i've got 2 aftermarket cooling and 1 stock cooler on my processor **
    Picture please? because the set up you describe is not normally possible
    You are overclocking but I suspect with little knowledge, can you post a Cpu-z screenshot as well as the Heatsink picture please?
    MBTP is a false reading, your Pc would have shut down or exploded if it were accurate :)
    Cpu-z screenshot, Heatsink picture and please read This thoroughly before continuing your clocking adventures
  6. Okay, thanks for the help! and i will try not to hit over 70c.
  7. Motopsychojdn, i googled first aftermarket cooling and it told me fans that have been buyed from a store... well.. i've got 2 fans on my computer and 1 fan on my processor.. im kinda a big noob right now when it comes to english computer names
  8. No problem man, thats why I wanted a picture,
    we can most likely identify the cooler used quickly and figure out if it is a decent one for you or not,
    and yes, if you can keep the temp below 65'C for now that would be great,
    Although This says Max temp is 71'C you don't want to be too close to it
  9. so you want a picture on my processor fan, right?... well thats going to be hard beacuse im running prime95 (pc torture program) and i will not shut off my computer only for that... but i will try to find on google the pic u want
  10. If your running a stock cooler it would just be this (or close enough to it).
    at 2.00 you can see my stock cooler
  12. Found my "stock cooler" or "heat sink" the name is FHSA7015B-1088
  13. Ok yes, you are running the stock cooler there with 1.4v, now you really want to buy a good aftermarket cooler as well as see if you can lower the voltage used to run the chip, lower voltage means lower temperatures, but obviously the chip requires a certain voltage to run stably so increased voltage means increased heat, which is where the better cooling Heatsinks come into play,
    I would halt any clocking experiments for now until you get a decent Hs and couple of fans on it
  14. Okay, thanks for the help :) ps how to make [SOLVED] up on the name...
  15. Select a Best Answer, that person will get 20 points and the [SOLVED] tag will be put in the title.
  16. On each persons posts there should be a 'Select as best answer' button on the right side if you opened this as a question with answer thread, if not then you can't select a best answer :)
  17. Just installed brand new Akasa AK-968 processor fan, from 69 celcius to 46... woohoo! back to overclocking! ps i dont see any select as best answear, just me who is blind and noob or...?
  18. In that case you didn't open the thread as a question with answer, no worries :)
    Nice drop on the temps btw :)
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