1k$ or so Gaming Computer

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: To be a hundred percent honest, I might not buy this until the summer, but i could buy it this week.
BUDGET RANGE: Around 1000$, preferably lower. Price doesn't include shipping, and i didn't see any rebates on the parts i've looked at.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies, and i don't do distributed computing.
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, CD/DVD Drive.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:I like NewEgg, as i live in the US(AZ),
but i'm open to other web sites.
PARTS PREFERENCES: None, this is my first build.

OVERCLOCKING:Maybe, last i checked overclocking a CPU runs it down quite fast, which will not fill my 5 year lasting hope.
SLI OR CROSSFIRE:Maybe, i figure in my price range i'd only be able to afford one GPU.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Currently i can not give you the usual resolution i run my computer on as it's in the shop, but i believe it's 1280x1024.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'd prefer the thing to last about 5 years (As in, i could run a game released a week ago, five years from now, on lowest settings.). This is the best build i've found so far: Here
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  1. If you're not going ot buy it untill sumer, why spec it now?

    And, With a 17" moniter, you might be fine with the old build, Even like a 4650 handles that res fine.
  2. But the build:

    looks like a good build, but PSU and Case are trash:

    here you go:



    Consider the Cooler if you plan to OC.

    The case and PSu are much higher quailty, (and cheap in combo) you need them to work with the 5850 well.
  3. I got a 21 inch monitor, and thanks, i'll try those.

    Also, is there any parts on that builod that could be cheaper and have the same quality, or any combinations that might not work?
  4. Dude, He alredy spec'd out a build, he just needed to change Case and PSU.

    And his build had a 5850....
  5. Heres my current price, but i was wondering, why is FedEx shipping over 80$ more?

  6. Becuase FedEx sucks.

    There emplyes always steal stuff, my father works in computer wholesaling, like 20 yearts ago, he shipped iek 90K$+ of memory to a guy, and It was all stolen By FedEx, and they didn't pay claims even thogu it was insured.

    Good build!
  7. Really? Because i've heard people testify that FedEx is worth the extra because there much more kind to the packages.
  8. Well, They stole 90 thousand dollars from my dad, talk about kindness.
  9. Hello,This is Fedex Lina. I apologize for the mishap with your shipment. I would be happy to followup with your local station. Please email the tracking number, delivery address and details to fedex-lina@fedex.com Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring the urgent situation to the attention of the local manager.
  10. It was like 20+ years ago.

    And he filed plenty of claims then.

    And you working for Fedex is doubtful, prove it.
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