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Hey guys,

I've tried to connect my laptop with blu-ray drive to my new LG HDTV as a computer monitor, and so I can watch blu-rays with the 1080p from the TV. I'm conencting them with an HDMI cord, but I'm having some difficulty. The picture is showing up but it looks stretched. I used nVidia nTune to set display settings for the TV to 1920x1080, but when I do this my desktop is stretched and I can only see about half of the start button. Also, when set it to 1920x1080 all programs I run are so stretched that I can't even see the 'X' to exit the program. For the HDMI to work with the full picture, I have to set my TV to 1024x768 I believe. I just want to take advantage of the blu-ray drive on my laptop and the 1080p on my TV. Please help! Thanks!

Here's my setup for details:

MSI GT627-218 laptop

nVidia GeForce 9800M GS

1680x1050, 15.4" display

Windows Vista

Arcsoft Total Media Theatre (software for the blu-ray)


LG LH30 32" LCD TV
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  1. change the display mode on the TV.

    it should have presets that scale the image differently. the default here is overshooting the edge of the screen.

    almost certainly the TV though, and not the laptop.
  2. Thanks, any other suggestions?
  3. I have to agree with welshmouepk, change the display settings in the tv, make sure that zoom is not on, try different picture display modes.

    Make sure you have the latest firmware on the tv, check online for the latest version. You have to be able to adjust the picture mode, what happens when you do?

    Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. I've been running my desktop through my HDTV for the last month and I have never seen the edge get cut off no matter what resolution I'm at, if anything it will make the display more narrow (like a 4:3 ratio) and the sides are black but I've never seen a tv cut off the sides unless your zoomed in or your set to some kind of letterbox or enhanced mode setting.
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