Best cpu/mobo for cheap gaming rig?

I've been ugprading my rig lateley and I think that this combo is is pretty good and cheap:
What do you guys think? I plan on just moving my ram into the other mobo. Just upgrading.

Only thing i'm consirned about is if it would fit in my case or if I would need to buy a different case.

Do I really eve need a case why not just put a mconalds happy meal house over the motherboard and bam it's protected.

If you guys think I should go with a different cpu/mobo speak your mindddd.

Ty for your time.

Oh yes and I believe this will be a major improvement over my single core amd athlon 3200+ 2ghz. (This was made when 64 processors were new in 2003 I believe.
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  1. Great combo, you should see a major improvement. Your RAM might be a bit old though. What do you currently use?
  2. That combo should fit your case, unless it's really old. All micro atx boards will work in either micro atx or full size atx cases. Newegg sometimes has some rosewill cases with free shipping, as low as $20 with their email promos.
  3. I have 1.5gb ram DDR2 240pin one 1GB 667 other 533 I believe, the 533 may be thrown out due it possibly being 200pin.

    My case size is:
    H: 15.8" (40.13 cm)
    W: 4.5" (11.43 cm)
    D: 14.2" (36.07 cm)

    What's an IDE connector?

    Oh yes and I plan on throwing in a stick or two gb of ram.

    Oh yes and can any power supply be plugged into any motherboard?

    Oh ye and r u srios that a mcdonalds happy meal house will be okay
  4. I don't think a happy meal box will be big enough though I am from the UK and you do things bigger in the US (especially in food). The IDE connector is what the old PC would use to connect to your hard disk and optical drive (CD/DVD) you can connect both on 1 cable but its slower. Current power supplies fit and current motherboard but im not sure about older Dell ones, also it may not supply enough power anyway (I have no idea but check before you try it). When you look into it you may find everything from the old pc can be upgraded very cheaply (individually) and you better spending an extra few hundred dollars and making a total new build maybe keeping just the DVD drive.
  5. Don't mix old RAM with new, it will slow the whole lot down. Shelve your old RAM and get some DDR3.
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