What is bios unleash means

what is bios unleash means
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  1. No idea. Where did you see this? More information please.
  2. I've heard this and it basically means "update the bios drivers to unleash full power"
  3. IIRC it is one companies name for enabling the unlocking of the disabled cores and cache on some of the AMD CPUs -- Gigabyte calls the same thing Hybrid Mode.
  4. Well from what i could find by looking around.

    It's not bios unleash but just unleash(ing) mode and It's a featured on some Asus Motherboards.

    it mean to unlock deactivated cores of Athlon II x3's, Phenom ii x2's, and Phenom II x3's.

    although i could be wrong on this,

    Chunduru can you give us a better idea what your meaning? Like where you saw this (motherboard bios, ad, a forum).

    It would help us out and give you the correct response
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