Which case would you get?

Hey Guys....

I can get a Corsair 700D and a Corsair 750W PS or a Cooler Master ATCS 840 and a Cooler Master 750W PS for the same price (after a rebate on the Corsair Combo).

Which would you get and why....
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  1. Personally, none among the two.. I find both of their designs to be boring and honestly can get a lot better cooling for whichever price they come for..
  2. The Corsair Obsidian 700D is an amazing case for water cooling, but a bad case for air cooling. Moreover, It's overpriced. On the other hand, the PSUs from Corsair are very good units.
    The COOLER MASTER ATSC 840 is a fantastic case that you can use for water cooling or air cooling. However, I wouldn't recommend you to buy a Cooler Master PSU (with the exception of the 500W and 600W PSUs from the Silent Pro M series, both made by Enhanced Electronics).

    I would go for this combo:


    The Antec 1200 is a high quality full tower and the Antec Truepower New 750 is an amazing PSU. This combo is going to be almost impossible to beat on.

    Here you have a video review of the case (only) :

    The ANTEC TRUEPOWER NEW 750 is an exceptional PSU which has been made by Seasonic. All capacitors on this unit are Japoneses by Chemi-com. It has an excellent efficiency across a broad range of loads (80-Plus Bronze certified), very good voltage regulation (voltages very close to their nominal values) and excellent ripple and noise supression on its outputs.
    This PSU presents a combined +12V rating of 62A (744W), which is divided up into four 25A +12V rails (over current protected). Being modular, it supports even two very high-end video cards that require two power connectors each due to the two 6-pin and another two (6+2)-pin PCIe connectors.
    It's a monster. You even could reach 920W at below 50ºC.
    It has 5 years warranty.
  3. +1 for Antec 1200.

    I use an antec case myself, (Mini P180), and am astonished with the build quality and cooling ability.

    Also hear many positive reviews on the antec 1200
  4. My 1200 takes a hell of a beating being hauled to gigs (music gigs that i do) and keeps everything cool. plenty of space too.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions . I currently have a rig that is built on an Antec900 mid tower and appreciate how much air the Antec units can quietly move. I also briefly considered the HAF. Series. however, I am looking to build an understated (boring) machine for work and do not want my customers to see lots of bling (but do not want a beige box either). the cases I found that had brushed metal finishes under 300 with a PSU is what I posted...anyone else know of more?

  6. Take a look at this combo:

    ANTEC CP-850 + ANTEC P183:

  7. I have the Antec 300 and My CPU under load is 44C and GPU maxes out at 52C under load, idle My CPU is at 36C and GPU is 35C, the cold air that goes through this case is amazing and it was cheap :)
  8. In that case I would be looking at the Antec P180 series.
  9. I just bought an 800D and 1000w psu myself, which is the next step up from what you are looking at. I can personally say that the two have excellent build quality, however,the catch is that you do pay a premium price. As stated earlier, the corsair towers aren't the best for an air cooled system. Since I was planning on getting into watercooling eventually that wasn't a con for me.

    Ultimately your case is going to come down to what you want to fit into it and what cooling options you want. It is hard to make a generalized case suggestion without an internal parts list. Also, since you stated it will be a work pc, keep in mind the area that you will be putting the case. At times the location of fans & airflow patterns are affected by the location in which you decide to place the case.

    my 2c
  10. If you need brushed aluminium cases then why not opt for lian li instead.! Pair it up with a good corsair PSU and you are set to stamp an impression.. Check out the lian li pc-b71 or the a77f (pardon me in case the model numbers are not exactly correct).. Am not sure with what exactly you meant by bling.. Just give a look to the cooler master cosmos s also..

    P.S. - My apologies for using the boring word.. Allow me to replace that with understated..
  11. You guys have given me quite a bit to consider...I am looking at other cases right now (from all the suggestions).

    Per the remarks, I am planning to build a CAD workstation with:

    1. Full ATX mobo (P55 with i5-750 or X58 with i7-920/930) I am undecided as the costs for quad core on either platform are pretty close on Frys combo deals (when you consider the price of an overall build)

    2. 750 W PS

    3. 4GB (2 x 2BG) DDR3 1600Mhz G Skill Ripjaws (CL8). I know that X58 supports tri channel but do not wish to invest at the moment in a tri channel setup. I will get one or two more dual channel kits when I have more cash (tri channels are tested to work w/ each other I am fairly confident that this would work too)

    4. Two Intel X25-V in Raid 0 (OS and Programs)

    5. 4 WD 74 GB Raptors Raid 10 from previous system (Data)

    6. ATI FirePro V7700 Graphics Card from previous build
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