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I have a Phoenix-Award Bios and am running Windows XP. Due to some malware on my 750 GB drive, I want to boot from my old 132 GB SATA drive and be able to access my 750GB SATA drive from that - hopefully allowing me to clean up my old drive or at least retrieve the data from it. The computer has 2 SATA ports. The problem is that the bios recognises both HDDs as 750GB drives, and therefore does not recognise the 132GB drive to boot off. If I install the 132 GB drive by itself it works. How do I get around this?
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  1. That's quite strange. See if you can do a BIOS update from your old drive. If not, you could always try to use a live Linux distro to recover your files.
  2. Not sure what your problem is, but your best bet is to follow aicom's advice and boot a linux distro from a usb drive. It will allow to read data from the drive (probably not write) to a new drive.
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