Is anyone having trouble with Hughesnet?

I'm having a time dealing with Hughesnet. Every time I'd call in, they keep giving me run around. Not sticking with an issues that I'm calling in for.
I'd tried telling them there problems with bad transport, Bad PEP, Bad Uplink, cannot find DNS server,system keep down graded, there times that everything went bad to worst. (( Damages in web and downloading)). They already been torned up our pc and again tearing up our newer pc.
I've done it straight to pc without router, still get same results. We've upgrade (new) pc, line and their modem. Still no improvement.
Only thing I can think of left is our dish. But again, they don't just listen and don't know if they're getting into reading the report, or playing dumb and scamming to rip off for get services and grabbing for more money.
It really ashamed of we're paying $87 a month, 400mb allow in 24hrs time, free time between 2am to 7am.
We're screwed for in our area as no DSL will come out here. Really piss off with Verzion has their building is on our land, and way they treated our area.
Does anybody know how to get to right dept to file complain at Hughesnet? We're out of luck, tired fighting of getting run around and dealing with people that doesn't speak clearer English.
Anybody got any subjection that they have experience with them of what and where about the problems? Is there something that needed to manual setting in the network instead of OS - Window allowing to do automatic as may being doing the conflicting of IP, DNS, Gateway?
Please bare with me on this, I'd tried to make best possible to understand, as am so frustrated of thinking of dealing with Hughesnet.
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  1. I am so sorry to hear that you have the same experience with me. I've been dealing with them over 2 years (no other choice or whatsoever), but I'm afraid I have no answer. I'm about to climb up the roof and break the dish, although it doesn't help me at all.
    Try Google search "Hughesnet reviews", you're not alone!
  2. I've had nothing but problems with hughesnet. I've had them for 6 months and the router they made me buy has died and their only help has been use their homehelp at $100 bucks a pop so I had a local guy get my computer heppy and now I'm looking into a new router and setting it up myselHopefully with some help from this and other sites.
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