Which is the best processor amd or intel

Hello,my budget on the processoris rs.5000 .tell me the best processor i can get or this price.
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  1. AMD ATHLON II X4 630.. Pair it with a 790GX chipset motherboard and you've a good setup for future upgrades also..
  2. Yup AM3 sockets means good upgrade options in future. You will only get "to be extinct" sockets from intel at that price range
  3. ^^ AMD applying good consumer friendly marketing techniques
  4. Quote:
    Honestly, you can't even get "extinct" socket processors from Intel at that price range. The cheapest you can get a 2.33ghz Q8200 is $150, that's $50 more than a 2.8ghz Athlon2 630.

    Yeah, Intel prices and their price/performance are rather pathetic below the I5 750.
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