Ahci on only one drive?

okay so i have 4 drives in my system 2 vertex 2s 60gb in raid 0 1 seagate 500gb and Crucial m4 256gb ssd the vertex 2s are the os drive seagate just storage and m4 is for most commonly used games my motherboard is the msi p67A-C43 OS is windows 7 x64 and wanted to know if ahci is enabled on the m4 and if not if i can enable by changing the reg value or will it ruin windows and just get a bsod?
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    You are ok. There’s nothing you need to do to your system.

    AHCI mode is a subset of RAID mode. So when you set your ports to RAID mode for your Vertex 2 RAID-0, any other drives connected that are not part of the RAID array will automatically default to AHCI mode.
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  3. Okay thank you very much :D
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