Ati 5790?

When and wiil there be a 5970? :o
The 5770 is kind of a letdown to me :( (4870 still on top) and the 5830 uses to much power and really isnt worth.
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    the 5830 is great at overclocking since it has the cypress chip. your right (stock) it is not worth it. however if you overclock it, the card is substantially better.
  2. What clocks would i be looking at if using a msi hawk R5830 with the afterburner?
    BTW, thanx for the very quick response. :)
  3. The CCC Catalyst Control Center, that comes with it will work as well, but your looking at clocks at least as comparable to the 5850 speed probably around 875-900Mhz core (you could probably do better but im not too familier with the card) and the memory clock you could probably set to 1400 and be safe (once again i quote what i said with the last one, you could probably get it better than that) also the the CCC monitors the Temeratures and fan speed of the card. so that you can run tests on the card in order to test the speeds.

    i own the 5850 and have it clocked to 850 core clock and 1250 memory clock with temperatures that do not get past 55-60C at load.
  4. however i have to say, if you can afford. the 5850 then i would.
  5. Thanks fot the quick help. :)
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  7. No problem.
  8. the 5770 is a great card and a monster overclocker too. mine easily hit 960mhz but thats the highest i can take it with catalyst control center.

    a 5770 at 950mhz even will beat a 4870 in anything, ditto a gtx 260. the 4870 isnt much of an overclocker though the 260 is pretty good.
  9. 5830 has a lot of SIMDS disablled, so even if you OC, it still gets ownd by a 5850.
  10. of course that is why i recommended the 5850 if he has the money. ;P
    but you can make the 5830 justify its price point. and he said he didnt want to use the 5770 either.
  11. You can OC the 4890 to. That has a huge OC headroom.
  12. Quick question, what does RP stand for on the block diagrams? I know what the SIMDs are and such, but not RPs.
  13. Wrong place to ask this question but the answer is Raster Processor (RP) or Raster Image Processor (RIP)

    reference -
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