Help plz- E 8400 or Q 8400 ?

Hello ppl- Need some help plz.
I would like to upgrade my cpu , keeping socket 775, therefore core 2 duo or core 2 quad.
I also do gaming- Main thing here
Which is the best :

Core 2 quad Q8400 or core 2 duo E8400 ?
On overall ? i will also overclock.

i Actually have an E4600 core 2 duo - oc at 3.2 ghz
Hyper 212 + cooler
9600 Gt
4 gb ram
Msi p45 neo3fr Board
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    If i were you,Iwould first upgrade the VGA instead because its more important for gaming
  2. ^+1, and if you do upgrade your graphics card, I suggest you buy the Core 2 Quad Q8400, it has a smaller cache and lower clock speed, however, it will be more future proof when more games use more than two cores. If you live near a Micro Center, I suggest a Q9550 with triple the cache of the Q8400 and overclocks better, for $169.99 pickup.
  3. Hmm, thxs.
    yeah i will upgrade to a GTX 260 i think for now. What do you think ppl?
    Btw, Q9550, i checked the price is quite high on newegg.
    Or should i buy the Q 9400 instead, will it b worth it, really ? Compared to Q 8400 ?
  4. GTX 260 would give you a great boost in games,make sure you get the 216SP version though.
    As for CPU,how much is the price difference between Q9400 and Q8400 ?
  5. Yeah GTX seems good.
    Hm, there is approx $ 45 difference on newegg, but in my country its like $ 60 . So i think the Q8400 is ideal. What you think ?

    And for GTX 260 the Evga oc model with 260 core.
    It is good ?
  6. Otherwise the HD 5770 would be a good option, slightly slower, but supports DirectX 11, and has a lower power consumption.

    The EVGA GTX 260 SP216 SC would be a good card I suppose, but you could achieve the overclock that EVGA has on a normal GTX 260 SP216. (216 because it has 216 stream processors or CUDA cores instead of the older GTX 260 which only had 192.)

    I'd go for the Q9400, I reckon that extra 2MB of cache is worth it for that $60, and it should overclock better than the Q8000 series.
  7. If you are going to OC,then go for Q9400 as Lmeow said,it has extra 2mb cache and OC's better.
    And as for VGA,that Evga model that you can is a good choice
  8. As i said if you are going to OC,Q9400 would be a better choice,otherwise go with Q8400
  9. Hm, you guys changing my mind. Alrite will try to find a Q 9400 now, had already found a Q 8400 before..

    But, are you sure its really worth it , cos the Q 9400 would really cost me much more in my country as opposed to Q 8400..?
  10. Ok- Q9400 will be easier to OC..
    But still can have a great deal of oc with Q8400.

    My E 4600 which today is not much in processor. Was 2.4 ghz, i managed to oc it to 3.2 ghz at its max without any prob.
    the load temps is 60 c or below..

    Thxs a lot for your help, will think about that well.
    And btw, for low fps like 25 in GTA episodes from liberty city, which is to be blamed most, the cpu or the gpu i have now ?
  11. As a matter of fact, its very frustrating, i cant find Q 9400 in my country .
    Will have to stay with Q 8400...
  12. GTA IV is really a poor optimized game,but it benefits from both a QuadCore CPU and a fast VGA.
  13. Yeah totally agree. GTA with its inconsistent frame rates!
    Btw, so a Q 8400 OC and a gtx 260 and 4 gb ram, Should be good for gaming right ?
  14. Yeah i think so even with the lastest games , so go for these parts !
  15. Hmm, am getting a blank here, some ppl say that an E 8400 is better than a Q8400 for gaming, the thing that puts down the Q 8400 is its 4 mb cache -
    But what you think abt that ?
    Is the E 8400 2 extra mb cache a real difference ??
    I am planning to stay with this system for atleast 2.5 to 3 years.. Then i7
  16. 55Range said:
    Hmm, am getting a blank here, some ppl say that an E 8400 is better than a Q8400 for gaming, the thing that puts down the Q 8400 is its 4 mb cache -
    But what you think abt that ?
    Is the E 8400 2 extra mb cache a real difference ??
    I am planning to stay with this system for atleast 2.5 to 3 years.. Then i7

    No,going from a 3.2 dual core to a 3.0 dual core isn't worth it.
    Go with the Q8400 especially when you want to keep it for 2-3 years,some current games/apps benefit from multi-core CPUs and more will benefit from them in the future
  17. Alrite ppl, So i am going for the Q8400 !!!
    As you all suggested !
    Thxs for your help,
    Anyways, might get the Q 8400 tomorrow itself , and so will let u ppl know abt it..
  18. You are welcome,post some benchies when you get it :D
  19. Btw, if i oc E 8400 to lets say 4 ghz, with its 6 mb cache puts 8000 gz full both cores
    Whereas Q8400 to 4.0 ghz -too [ can it be done with a good cooler] ?
    If yes, it will arive at 12000 ghz on all 4 cores.
    My point is after oc the E 8400 will have 4000 ghz less but 2 mb cache more whereas Q 8400 with 8000 ghz more but less 2 mb cache-

    But what is the cache main's use ?
    Where does it benefit more ??
    To tell you frankly, i am still having doubts abt which processor to buy-
  20. Best answer
    More cache will help in some CPU intensive apps,but more cores will help in games/apps which benefit from multi-core.
    I recommend you going with the Q8400 because you mentioned you want to keep it for 2-3 years
  21. Btw, to how much will i b able to oc the Q8400? If it reaches at least 3.8ghz i will just stop thinking and go buy it. lol -
  22. Yeah if i upgrade now, which i feel i have to , i wont upgrade before a minimum of 1 year and a half or 2 . After CPU upgrade will install the GTX 260.
    Will i really really feel a big boost now in my games that not necessarily use multi cores ?
  23. First,you won't get a noticeable boost in games that don't benefit from more than 2 cores.
    As for OC'ng,no one can exactly tell you how much you can OC your CPU.
    Here are some reviews:
    "We love free upgrades. One of the best ways to get more performance from your PC is to overclock the processor. From a stock frequency of 2.66GHz, we overclocked the Q8400 to an impressive 3.92GHz using a TRUE 120 and 1.36V. We started with a 333MHz FSB and raised it slowly while testing for stability along the way. It wasn't until we passed 490MHz FSB that we ran into any issues so we backed it back down and settled for the 3.92GHz overclock. We would like to note that we stayed within Intel's recommended operating voltage (0.85V - 1.3625V) to achieve this overclock. With higher voltages and more powerful cooling, even higher frequencies are likely possible."
    "The Core 2 Quad Q8400 on the other hand is based on a core that's been shipping for quite a while, at stock voltage using the stock cooler I was able to hit 3.08GHz"
  24. Alrite- Thxs for all your help !- Going to buy the Q 8400 right now -

    Will give you feedback later-
  25. you are welcome :) i hope you enjoy it
  26. Best answer selected by 55range.
  27. Hey Maziar-
    I just installed the Q 8400 , and did some benchmarks , there is a ton of difference of course btw my last processor-
    Will do the windows rating- and will post some benchmarks soon
  28. Cool :) can't wait for benchies :D
  29. Yeah will send soon-
    Actually oc it to 3.6 ghz, was amazingly fast !
    I got a real boost in GTA 4- [only one i tried for now]
    Even at stock 2.6 ghz its good in gta 4..

    Am having a littler confusion about temperatures, everest and hw monitor show me different temperatures !
    I dunno what is real ?
    DO u know of any good temp monitoring program ?
  30. What temps are you getting ? other good apps would be Coretemp
  31. Well OC to 3.0 ghz i get around low 50c. [Full load] This is good !
    OC to 3.6 ghz worked but overheats, will have to try it with again and monitor temp with different progs
    Btw, the processor is very fast, really no need to oc to over 3.0 ghz-

    And how do i attach a benchmark pic? - i dunno .
  32. Click on add a reply,then upload your picture in a site and then click on the "image" icon in the reply page and you can add your link there and it will attach it.
    Or simply upload the pic in a site and post its direct link here.
  33. Hey, will do that soon, Kind of busy now. Cheers-
  34. Btw, thxs for everything-
  35. You are welcome,that's why we are here :)
  36. hmm, i got an issue : Btw, its not abt Q8400 , i really like it, really fast with oc .

    The thing is that i get different fps readings from ingame benchmarks in GTA,
    I always Get 40 fps in the lost and damned
    and only 31 fps in the ballad of gay tony.
    They use same egines, and of course i use all exact settings in both games, without anything interrupting the game.

    How is that possible that exact same games have such a fps difference ?
  37. GTA IV isn't very well optimized,so expect getting strange FPS in it.
  38. yeah, i know , but fps different in same game but , different subgames..
    41 fps in one , but 31 fps in another one- with exact same settings..
    Well forget it.. lol -

    Anyways, my cpu [at 3.2 ghz] [not cores] is 42 c on idle and up to 60 i thinks in full load.. For cores its 40 to 60 c..
    I know 60 isnt high but 42 on idle only for cpu isnt it hish for a quad core with cpu cooler ?

    I cant let it on 3.6 ghz which is stable but temps reach 80 c !!!
    Even with the cpu cooler-
    Am starting to think the cpu cooler has not been well placed -
    What do you think mate ?
  39. What is your room temperature?
  40. Room temp is 26 - 28..
    Btw, OCed to 3.3 right now, did stability testing [everest 27 mins approx] Btw sure its stable, already did 36 w/o problem.

    Well :
    Cpu 41 - 59
    Cores 39 - 59
    Full load, that is very acceptable right ?
    I wanted it at 3.6 , but it will reach around 70 , dont want that - Might be unsafe right ?
  41. Alrite..
    I will stay with the 3.3 ghz then.
    Afterwards, will remove the cooler and re apply thermal paste..
    btw, the voltage is set to auto in bios, i can see in everest its btw 1.33 to 1.38 full load,
    average 1.35 .
    Is that fine ?
  42. Intel recommends this voltages
    0.85V – 1.3625V
    So as long as you stay in that range,you'll be fine
  43. Ok, anyways, rarely use the cpu to 100 %
    Will stay with the voltage , its only at full load anyway that its 1.38
    Or do should i do something abt it ?
    Maziar, you are helping me a lot, i hope i am not bothering you with my posts !
  44. If you want to go with a voltage which is higher than what Intel recommends then consider getting a good CPU cooler,otherwise its recommended to stay within that voltage range.
    And i am not bothered at all, we are here to help :)
  45. Thats v nice to hear.
    U are eager to help. really thxs-

    Btw, i just made some arrangements in bios, i put voltage to 1.3 and i also oc to 3.4 ghz, performing everest stability test and from the lower voltage i can really see a drop in temps !!
    Thats very nice, i hope it will be stable !
    Now my temps are 38 idle to 55 load. !!
    at 3.4 ghz on 1.31 voltage !
    Nice !
    Thats a huge difference from before, was 44 idle to 68 load !! [1.38 voltage]
    Such a huge difference..
    Btw, do you think it will be stable ?
  46. wow that's a great achievement,lower temps are always welcome :D
    As for stability,Everest stability test is good,other good apps are Prime95 and OCCT(OCCT produces more heat than those other 2)
  47. Hey Maziar,
    I also tried at 3.6 ghz same 1.31 voltage- Its great, temps btw 39 to 58 . load
    Anyways under 60 and am happy with it !!
    The voltage thing did very well for me.. Cool !
  48. Those temps look great for 3.6Ghz
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