Problem booting up, i5, GA-P55 MB...

Problem booting up
When i power on the computer all the fans start spinning for about 1 second, then it all turns off for about 3 seconds, it just repeats doing that until i turn the power off

I've tried disconnecting parts/ resting the CMOS with no luck. Any help would be appricieated

Intel i5 750
Sapphire Randon HD 5770, Vapor X, OC edition
Kingston 2 x 2gb 1333mhz ram
Sata 1 TB ram
Cooler master 650W power supply

This is a brand new computer, i haven't been able to start it up yet

Video -
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    Looking at the video, your 4+4 pin CPU power connection is not connected to the motherboard. Try that.
    There should be a 4+4 (2x4 pins joined together although can be separated) power cable coming from your power supply, and you need to plug it into the socket north-east of the CPU socket, from this image:

    It's the white 8 pin power connector near the edge, that's where the CPU gets its power.
  2. Yup, the most common new builder mistake. We have a sticky that would have fixed you right up.

    READ before posting about boot/no video problems!
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