Samsung 830 256gb or Sandisk Extreme 240?


i saw the main differences between the 830 and sandisk. I was curious as I saw some sales for 830($279) and just missed out on a Sandisk Extreme 240gb sale for $210.

I am interested in drive for image processing and also some video using Final Cut Pro X. Which would you recommend. I hear the sandisk is faster but over time the Samsung is better. Read the anandtech review on Samsung but just want to hear from other users.

I hear samsung performs garbage collection when computer idle but this can cause slowdowns. I think the sandisk is super fast. i am using mbpro 2010 13". Thanks.
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    Not seen many neg comments on the Sandisk lin so far. Check newegg and only had significant numbers for the 120 gig drive - stats loog very good.

    As to real life performance, I don't think there is enough difference to use as a make/break choice. I normally use "least user problems" to group some SSDs and then let price determine the winner.

    My list normally looks like this: Samsung 830, Curcial M4, and Intel 510/520.
    I hear that the 256 Gig m4 was on sale for $220 @ ???
    OK found it:

    I have both the m4 (2 x 128 gig) and one 128 gig Samsung 830
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